Stacy Solomon explains why she returns to work after just three months

Stacy Solomon He spoke about returning to work three months after maternity leave.

Recently 32 years old Created a great home juice bar in her new Cluedo room, Featured her Instagram story to share her work at In The Style starting next week.

First share a snap of her baby daughter Rose with her 2-year-old son Rex.She shares her with her fiancé Joe swash, She wrote: “Left Joe’s room to take a bathtub. [bath emoji] My Favorites.

“I have a week to get back to work and eight days to Jaws’ birthday, so I hope I can finish it all in the next six days. [crying with laughter emoji, praying hands emoji] You may have to shift there during the night feeding, “he cried with a laughing emoji.

Stacy Solomon reveals why she’s back at work

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Stacy later returned to share the message she received from one of the 4.9 million fans.

Stacy tells her followers while breastfeeding her baby daughter:

“But I got one of the weirdest jobs you don’t know if you do the job, and nothing is guaranteed.”

Stacy said she wasn’t sure if she would get a job

Recently, Stacy When they enjoyed the girl’s night, they hugged their best fellow Mrs. Hinchi, Continued to explain that the nature of her work means she needs to be aware of every opportunity.

She says:

“Also, many of my contracts are 12-month contracts that are narrowed down to 9 months so that I can take a 3-month vacation, and I don’t think I can narrow down to less than that. It will resume from next week. “”

Stacy explained that most of her work is based on a 12-month contract.

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She talked about the post-maternity project and continued: “My first job was In The Style and I’m very excited. I can’t wait to take you.

“But in the end, I’m really lucky and privileged, so I have a job to go back, not to mention my absolute favorite job.”

“They were also very supportive of my breastfeeding,” Stacy added, “all the companies I’ve worked with say they support me because I don’t want to give it up.

Stacy said she was “very lucky” to be able to get back to work

“I feel like I really worked hard to reach this point. So I’ll be back, but I’m very lucky.”

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Stacy Solomon explains why she returns to work after just three months

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