Stacy Solomon “can’t deal” because Baby Rose is doing “the cutest thing she’s ever seen”

Stacy Solomon She shared an adorable video of her baby daughter Rose sucking her thumb, and the TV star is having a hard time dealing with its cuteness.

NS Loose female A panelist posted a sweet video on Tuesday, November 28, when her baby was sleeping, and she wrote, “I can’t handle it either.”

Stacy, 32, added, “I changed Rose’s diapers before going to bed and found my thumb. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

The four mothers regularly share updates on their adorable baby daughters and share their followers with the life of Rose Opal Esme Slomon Swash, born on Stacy’s 32nd birthday on October 4th.

Stacy shared a lovely photo of her daughter sucking her thumb for the first time

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This means that followers are given insights into the hilarious adventures that often follow TV stars with her newborn.

Just a few days ago, she was a TV star who had a wardrobe dysfunction.Thanks to the purchase of some unfortunate leggings.

She shared her misfortunes while shopping with her fiancé and TV buddies in an Instagram story. Joe swash..

Stacy wrote in the video: “I’m actually humic. A nice lady from Costco has arrived (maybe I’ll add it at the end). It must be a little thin,” he said.

Stacy and Joe Swash Share Rex and Baby Rose Together

Stacy was “smoke” after the woman pointed out that the leggings could be seen through while shopping

“They were like 1 denier tights and Joe let me walk around all day without telling me,” she told 4.9 million followers.

Stacy told viewers in a follow-up video: “I thought I might have ordered the tights by mistake, so it took me two hours to find the leggings receipt.

She added: “They were leggings and cost me £ 9.99. Tenants walking around naked …”

Rose has been six weeks old and has a big smile on Instagram.

Stacey’s followers aren’t surprised by the recent flood of love for her newborn baby girl. Recently, she celebrated her six weeks of birth with another doting post and cute pictures.

On November 16th, she posted her first photo of smiling Rose, writing, “Today, Rose showed her happy face for the first time. That was all.”

Loose Women’s star said, “We promise that you will work hard to make you smile forever like this. Happy 6 Weeks Princess Pickles. We love you on the moon. , Return the little child to 16/11/21. “

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Stacy Solomon "can't deal" because Baby Rose is doing "the cutest thing she's ever seen"

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