Stacy Solomon believes Baby Rose is “learning a smile” after an “unstable” day

Stacy Solomon He frankly revealed that he was “a little crazy” for the past few days with her baby Rose.

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After being pushed happily for a few weeks Rex toy pram in the autumn garden And by hugging her brother, Stacey admitted that Rose had been quite “unstable” for the past few days.

The sudden change in Rose’s behavior has tired the four mothers, but she has the premonition that it will all be worth it.

Stacy Solomon reveals tough days with “unstable” baby roses

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In the Instagram story, Stacey writes:

“So, at the end of this little crazy leap, the best reward ever will come,” Stacy smiled through the star-eyed emoji, the praying hands, and the face of tears.

Stacy smiles in the mirror with a reflective snapshot. The hair is half tied and the rest is scattered around the face.

The four mothers added: It looks like the hedge is pulled back, but it’s dressed. So that’s the victory I would say. “

Stacy Solomon reveals a tough few days with the
Stacey wrote that she wants baby Rose to be restless because she’s learning how to smile.

The TV presenter is wrapped in a cozy gray teddy jumper for the opportunity to match the gray leggings, and she hugs the sleeping baby Rose with a green bow headband that matches the green onesie. increase.

At the beginning of Tuesday, Stacy shared a video of Rose smiling. She soothed her and advised her to smile for the first time.

She writes: “This morning Rose was trying hard to smile and my heart couldn’t accept it!”

Stacey keeps track of her 4.8 million followers with daily updates on her latest additions to her family.

Stacy Solomon reveals a tough few days with the
Stacy has provided fans with the latest information on Rose, including introducing their children to a lovely nursery.

a few weeks ago, Stacy said she was “beaten” After a busy weekend celebrating Halloween with the whole family, her kids Zachary, 13, Layton, 12, Rex 2, Baby Rose and Fiance Joe Swash all dressed up. Monsters, Inc. characters..

I also shared the TV host The emotional moment she introduced Baby Rose to her new nursery In her house, she calls it a pickle cottage.

The lovely room is painted pink with a flower theme and is full of valuable personal treasures from small businesses.

former I’m a celebrity … get me out of here The winner took a sweet photo of Rose snoozing in the crib, so she wore a pink tracksuit on the occasion of twins with Minimy.

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Stacy Solomon believes Baby Rose is "learning a smile" after an "unstable" day

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