Stacy Solomon and fiancé Joe Swash discuss raising a baby girl after welcoming her daughter Rose

They welcomed her fourth child, daughter Rose Opal Esme, in October.

And pre-recorded Loose femaleof Christmas Specials broadcast on Christmas Eve, Stacy Solomon And fiancée Joe swash In her first interview since she was born, she discussed adaptations to raising a baby girl.

The X Factor star, 32, and her soap actor Bo, 39, appeared via a video link with her newborn daughter from her home pickle cottage.

Cute: At Ruth Wimin’s Christmas Special on Christmas Eve, Stacy Solomon (32) and Fiance Joe Swash (39) talked about raising a girl in their first interview with their daughter Rose.

Judy Love asked if Baby Rose was sleeping at night. Stacy replied.

“She sleeps, she sleeps like a newborn-they stay up all night? But she’s good. She’s happy, it’s great. She’s great, she really Nice. I can’t stop staring at her. Even if she’s sleeping, I’m just staring at her, so I can’t sleep. “

Festive: The X Factor star and her soap actor Bo appeared via a video link with their newborn daughter from their home, Pickle Cottage.

Joe spewed out about how their two-year-old son Rex took him to Rose:’He worships her, if he’s trying to keep him away from her. , He is obsessed. No, he was great, he was really, really good friends with her. ‘

Stacy added: “He’s a really nice guy, but sometimes she’s not my baby. She’s a Rex baby and I have to chase him in the hope that he won’t drop her on the floor. ..

When Coleen Nolan asked Joe if it was different to be the father of a girl instead of a boy, he admitted:

Celebration: The X Factor Star, 32, shared a snap of her daughter Rose in a festive dress and Santa hat a few days before Christmas.

“I know it’s very noisy and the boys are very stubborn, so you can chuck a little and wrestle, especially when changing diapers.

“I know the limits of boys because I own them, but Baby Rose has different things, so I have to be gentler and more delicate.”

In contrast, Stacy, who also has sons Layton (9) and Zachary (13) from a previous relationship, may forget that Rose is a girl. Above, “Give me him” and I’m like “Oh, she!”

Adorable: Alongside Snap, Stacy wrote:’Merry Christmas. Lots of love from our smiling little Christmas rose. I hope this brings a smile to your night as we do. The fourth is towards the wall. “

Sweet: Rose laughed and grinned at the camera as she entered the Christmas spirit in a festive outfit.

Family: Stacy and Joe have a daughter Rose in October

Judy pointed out that Rose appears to have been acknowledged by his two-year-old sons Rex and Stacey. Sometimes I look down and can’t believe it’s not Rex. ”

Talking about Christmas plans, Stacey spewed out:’This is a very exciting time for Rex. He’s two and a half years old and it’s his first Christmas when he says “Wow”.

“Older boys are also excited about him. It’s nice to see them all excited together. And it’s nice to be at home.”

Joe added: “It’s the first Christmas in a new home. It’s the first Christmas with our new baby, the first Christmas we join as one big unit, and having a really nice and nice time. I can.”

Celebration episodes: (from LR): Judi Love, Coleen Nolan, Janet Street-Porter, Ruth Langsford and Brenda Edwards have formed this year’s Loose Women’s Christmas special panel.

Festive: Colleen enters the spirit of Christmas with a selection of fun costumes

Sparkling: The glamorous Brenda looked great in a sparkling dress while enjoying a glass of fizz.

Dressup: Ruth and Judy seemed excited to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with their colleagues.

Christmas Colors: Just celebrating his 75th birthday, Janet shines with dark green jumpers and antler with sequins.

Fairy Godmother: Sherry Hughson made sure not to miss the Christmas special

Next, Ruth Langsford asked what was the latest plan for their wedding, which had been postponed because Pandemic and Stacey were pregnant.

Stacy was excited and said to Loose Women’s panel: Yes, we love … hopefully .. because Covid is still huge and you never know what’s around the corner …

“But we want to get married next July. We really do. It’s great to have a boy and Rose there.”

Four mothers: Stacy shares her newborn Rose and her son Rex, two with their fiancé Joe Swash.She is also the mother of Layton and Zachary from a previous relationship

Ruth talked about planning a Christmas dinner elsewhere, asked Joe if he would cook, and he insisted, “I like cooking!”

Joe laughed as he turned to Stacy, who was shocked. “I don’t know why you see me that way. I cook.”

Stacy asked:’Well, how many times have you eaten since Master Chef? Five? ‘Joe admits: “Yeah, I know, what happens … yeah, I don’t cook that much, but I’m saving it for Christmas dinner.”

Stacy told the panel, “He does a really good roast. I’m excited about Christmas dinner. But my relationship with Joe is that he uses all the tools he can. So that’s the cleanup I’m afraid of after a roast dinner.

Janet Porter asked Stacy if her new bunch of red hair was a homage to her, and Stacy revealed: I was looking at your old photos, and I missed you …

“I thought I was going to dye my hair in Janet’s color. Every time I look in the mirror, it reminds me of my best friend Janet.” I don’t carry it like you … I’m like a mermaid I feel a little! “

Ruth Wimin’s Christmas Special Broadcast at 10am, ITV and ITV Hub Christmas Eve

Brothers: Joe spewed out about how his two-year-old son Rex took him to Rose: “He loves her and he’s obsessed,” Stacy added: “He’s really good. But sometimes she’s not my baby and she’s Rex. “

Stacy Solomon and fiancé Joe Swash discuss raising a baby girl after welcoming her daughter Rose

Source link Stacy Solomon and fiancé Joe Swash discuss raising a baby girl after welcoming her daughter Rose

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