Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash can finally enjoy a brand new swimming pool with children

Stacey Solomon she finally debuted her finished pool and was really worth the wait as the star shared family photos on her Instagram page tonight.

The 32-year-old Loose Women presenter shared a series of photos as she posed in the glistening turquoise waters next to her fiancé Joe Swash, 40, and their two children, Rex, two, and baby Rose.

The author of Tap to Tidy wore a stunning white bikini with ruffles on her bust as she wore her long red locks loose and raised her hands in the air to celebrate.

Sitting on a unicorn float, the star stared out at the moon to celebrate the finished design.

After sharing the little things from his lush lagoon over the past few weeks, the social media darling became emotional as she pondered the process.

Stacey Solomon unveiled her brand new pool while posing in the water with her family

Stacey looked excited to complete the project while posing with baby Rose in the pool

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“Pickle Cottage Pool is ready. Finally,” the star told fans. “It was a long, crazy process, but it was finally over.

“So today was a very exciting day at the pickle villa… I know a lot of you are asking all the time to see how it’s going, so I couldn’t help but share the end.”

Stacey went on to say that she is still struggling to accept the fact that she is so privileged to own her own outdoor pool, but that she will always appreciate it.

“But I always share it consciously. I often feel that this should never have been ours. It’s like I’m a real fraud,” she said.

Joe loved throwing himself and spraying with his son Rex

Stacey shared a look at how desperately her son Rex wanted to enter the pool recently

“And I’m so aware of how happy we are that we’ve been able to bring this pool back to life.

“I am so excited to love it forever, to take care of it and to respect the water, as long as we are lucky enough to have it.

“Happy Friday to all. A lot of love from all of us. PS I am the worst pool jumper,” added the beauty.

In another photo, Stacey also showed that her middle son Leighton had sunk in the water.

Stacey also loved jumping in the pool

While one image shows a mother of four hugging her baby daughter.

Finally, the beauty showed her less graceful skills in bombing a pool while playing with her future husband.

This comes as the star prepares to finally tie the knot with Joe, and the ceremony will take place in their own garden at Pickle Cottage.

Earlier, Stacey took her favorite fans on a journey through their garden arches, revealing that she would use the area for her own trail.

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Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash can finally enjoy a brand new swimming pool with children

Source link Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash can finally enjoy a brand new swimming pool with children

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