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Rishi Sunak is expected to promise to “stand by” hard-working families, presenting further plans to support people who are raising the price of life, when he will publish his spring announcement later.

Understandable Chancellor will make proposals to build a “stronger, more secure economy” as UK residents face rising household costs exacerbated by the war. Ukraine.

He argues that building a strong economy is fundamental to enabling the United Kingdom to meet that threat. Russian President Vladimir Putin presents its values.

Mr Sunak faces calls from all UK households to ease life crisis

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“We will meet this challenge to our values ​​not only with the weapons and resources we send to Ukraine, but also to strengthen our economy here at home,” Mr Sunak is expected to say.

“So when I say security, yes, I mean responding to the war in Ukraine.

“But I also mean the security of a faster developing economy.

“More flexible security of public finances.

“And security for working families, because we help with living expenses.”

Chancellor: spring announcement It is proposed to outline how the government intends to create a new culture of entrepreneurship to invest more with the private sector, to make more innovations.

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Families choose between the “strengths” of food

Sunak will make a spring announcement amid a cost-of-living crisis

Mr. Sunak will present a fiscal report at a crucial time for the country, as severely oppressed families face a huge increase in their living costs.

In the coming months they will rise much more because The impact of the Russia-Ukraine war is growing – In the future, the cost of living will most likely be at the top of the Chancellor’s agenda for his announcement.

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For households, it is the impact on fuel prices and energy bills that suffers the most, leaving Mr. Sunak with calls for concrete action.

The Bank of England is now thinking about the invasion inflation to make 8% in April, and to rise even higher in autumn.

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A war to raise the cost of living in the UK

To view one fuel duty policy

One thing to note in the statement is whether the chancellor is cutting gasoline taxes, as other European countries have already done.

The average price of gasoline has reached an all-time high of 165.37 liters, which is an increase of more than 55% in the last two years. According to the figures compiled by the government, diesel fuel also rose in price by a similar proportion – 177.47 pp per liter.

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Տնտեսական After the economic costs of the Ukraine war, the Chancellor has a lot to do to restore public finances.

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As a result, the average fuel tank now costs almost 90 pounds, about 33 pounds more than in May 2020.

Most recently, wholesale spending has risen sharply, in part to the extreme Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Reports indicate that there is a 5p reduction in fuel duty per liter on the cards.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak addresses his Downing Street 11 office with his spring speech.
Mr. Sunak is expected to say that he will “stand” by hard-working families who will face rising household costs.

Chancellor calls for easing of NI campaign

There are also questions about what the treasury plans to do to alleviate the pain of the health and social care fee, which will come into force in April.

This change – Effective increase in national insurance premiums – For most households, it means a significant increase in tax payments at the very moment when inflation is nearing its peak.

As a possible step, there was talk of raising the National Insurance threshold.

Labor is urging the chancellor to impose an unexpected tax on oil giants

Labor has called on Mr Sunaki to consider an unexpected tax on oil producers whose profits have risen due to rising oil and gas prices to cover the cost of living for households.

Elsewhere, the government reduced VAT on the hospitality sector during the epidemic, leaving it at a reduced rate of 12.5%.

It should return to 20% in April, but industry groups have called for longer stays low to benefit jobs.

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Calls for an unexpected energy tax

And the chancellor is reportedly also resisting pressure to increase defense spending.

However, the government’s debt is now 26 26 billion lower than previously expected for the fiscal year, putting the chancellor in a “better position” to ease the cost-of-living crisis, according to the Resolution Foundation.

Borrowings for the first 11 months of fiscal year 2021-2022 amounted to 138.4 billion pounds, which is less than half of the record 290.9 billion pounds in the same period last year.

That figure is likely to fall below the 18 183 billion forecast forecast by the government’s budget office in October, largely due to higher-than-expected tax revenues.

However, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) says public debt interest rates rose to ,2 8.2 billion last month from ,4 5.4 billion a year earlier, the highest level in February.

Ahead of the spring announcement, the Labor Party called Mr Sunak “a high-tax chancellor” by publishing their own analysis, which showed that he had raised more taxes than any other individual in his half-century.

Spring announcement. | Political news

Source Spring announcement. | Political news

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