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Spike in proportion of UK babies in hospital with Omicron

Researchers encourage calm, despite noting an increase in infants infected with the most infectious variants of Covid

According to data released Friday by the UK Emergency Science Advisory Group, the proportion of children under the age of 1 in Covid’s hospital increased from 30% to 42% after the outbreak of the Omicron strain.

A study by the Coronavirus Clinical Characteristics Consortium and the Covid-19 Clinical Information Network found that the proportion of infants requiring hospital treatment has increased sharply recently compared to previous pandemic waves. ..

One of the suggested reasons is that older children are eligible and are beginning to be vaccinated, while babies are not yet eligible for jabs. However, this was considered unlikely, as hospitalizations are also increasing in the elderly cohort. Another explanation proposed by the researchers is that younger children have a smaller upper airway, so Omicron has a more serious impact on them.

Despite the increasing number of cases, Calum Semple, a professor of child health and developmental medicine at the Alderhay Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, keeps the general public calm because infants usually experience very mild symptoms. I urged you.

“I would like to emphasize here the fact that these are not particularly sick infants. In fact, they come in a short period of time for investigation,” Semple told the British media.

Dr. Camilla Kingdon, President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in the United Kingdom, confirmed this view, saying medical professionals “have not picked up signals of over-concern.”

It is believed that most babies simply suffer from fever and cough after being infected with Covid, she added.


Spike in proportion of UK babies in hospital with Omicron

SourceSpike in proportion of UK babies in hospital with Omicron

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