Spice Girls are pressing Victoria Beckham to take part in the 2023 World Tour

Just a few weeks after the Spice Girls revealed that they were secretly discussing the 2023 World Tour, it can be revealed that the quartet is pressing to join Victoria Beckham.

Baby spice Emma Bunton, scary spice Mel B, and ginger spice Geri Halliwell were found arriving at Mandeville. Hotel in Marylebone, London At last month’s meeting, MelC called from the United States from Zoom.


The Spice Girls are pressing Victoria Beckham to take part in the 2023 World Tour.Credit: Rex


Geri Halliwell and others were found arriving at the Mandeville Hotel in Marylebone, London for last month’s meeting.Credit: Simon Jones

Now Sporty Spice revealed Women I haven’t given up on the hope of roping Posh.

She states:

“It’s an interesting topic of conversation. Victoria didn’t want to go back to stage, so we fully respect it.

“I felt the same. I was like,” It’s 5 or nothing. ” And I just changed my mind. “

Sporty continued. “Victoria gave her a blessing on her last tour.

“I hope she will return to the stage someday. That’s my dream. That’s the plan.

“We are working on her. There is a lot of emotional blackmail. The 2019 show was very nice.

“The reaction was great. We didn’t come from Britain and Ireland, there’s a big old world. We’ve been lucky enough to do America, but we’ve done South America, Australia and Southeast Asia. I have never done it.

“Hopefully Victoria will feel as if we missed it and hopefully it will get her back.

“Even if we do the show we’re trying to do, we want to do more reunion shows if things get safer.

“If she decides not to join us, she’s 100% with us. Creatively, she’s there.

“Maybe she’s in the wings, but she’ll be dragged.

“I think it was too difficult to see her in the audience.”

The group, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last month, made its final world tour in five pieces from 2007 to 2008.

But Victoria has focused on her fashion business.

At the Zack Sunshow in the United States, Sporty Spice added: “The Spice Girls are bigger than any other member.

“It’s an entity of its own. It’s great to be part of it.”

We certainly want them to be able to twist Posh’s arm. .. ..


The group, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last month, performed its final world tour in 5 pieces from 2007 to 2008 (Photo: Mel B).Credit: Dan Charity


SHE is royalty among RuPaul’s drag racing UK fans, but BAGACHIPZ is also popular on the fashion A list.

It can be revealed that supermodel Cara Delevingne slipped into her DM.

The legend of drugs states: “I was surprised when I sent a message to me that Kara was a big fan.

“She was like,’I have to go shopping together.’ I love it.”

In a partnership between Just Eat and Papa John’s, Baga added:

“We all just want to support each other. No jealousy.”

TOYAH’s UK support

The POP icon Toyah Willcox welcomed the Brit Awards to be gender neutral.

Toyah, who was nominated for four British in the 80’s, sees this move as a positive step towards inclusiveness.


Toyah Willcox welcomes the Brit Awards to be gender neutralCredit: Splash

She states: “I think the British are ahead of the game. I think it’s great. We have to protect every individual.

“People shouldn’t be pushed into the label, and I think it will empower a whole new generation.”

It’s A Mystery singer starred in the Proud Embankment Cabaret All Stars show in London. Despite her 63 years, she shows no signs of slowing down.

Toya states: “My advice for people of all ages is to grab life at the corner and be confident in yourself.”

We can’t discuss it. .. ..

$ 1 Million at BRUNO’s 30-minute Show

Forget about 24K Magic – Bruno Mars should sing a million magic after putting $ 1 million in his pocket with a gig that lasts just 30 minutes.

You can see that Hawaii-born crooners are playing at the launch party of the fashionable restaurant Sexy Fish next weekend in Hawaii.


Bruno Mars has pocketed $ 1 million for a gig that lasts only 30 minutesCredit: INSTAGRAM / BRUNO MARS

And I hear that the boss is also laying a private jet for him.

In the 30-minute sesh, he belts half of the hits such as “When You Was”, “Locked Out of Heaven”, “Grenade”, “Marry You”, and “Finesse”. But it’s barely enough time. show.

A 5-foot-five-inch star could also wear one of his signature hats at night.

He spoke earlier, saying:

“I always used to wear hats. Now I’m doing something with a big brim to make my height look taller.”

The gorgeous sushi restaurant originally opened in London in 2015 and has become a celebrity staple.

We are confident that our US counterparts will enjoy the same all-star status.


A rude guest at the British Fashion Awards was told by security guards to smoke after lighting up inside the Royal Albert Hall.

The onlookers said: It was really rude and rude. The staff couldn’t believe their boldness.

A spokeswoman confirmed, “Smoking is prohibited inside the Royal Albert Hall, and anyone who sees smoking is required to stop smoking and smoke only outside the smoking area.” bottom.


Supermodel Jourdan Dunn smoldered in a torn black-and-white dress on his thighs when he enjoyed the Business of Fashion Voice 2021 Gala on Friday night.

The star had a party at Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire with fellow fashionistas such as David Gandy and Neelam Gil.


Jourdan Dunn smoldered in a torn black-and-white dress on his thighs when he enjoyed the Business of Fashion Voice 2021 Gala on Friday night.Credit: Getty


SHERELLE has accused the organizers of the Attitude 101 event at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge, London on Friday, despite being a guest speaker.

DJs / producers attended the event due to lack of diversity and blew up Tesco wine at dinner in the afternoon. “

Sherelle goes on to say: “I want a DJ like myself to fill the space. I want to make this room more diverse.”


On Friday night, iHeartRadio 102.7 KIIS FM’s jingle balls had a lot of Christmas shine.

Doja Cat, Lil Nas X and Saweetie performed energetic in flashy stage costumes. Saweetie threw a Tiffany jewelry box into the LA crowd.


Saweetie played on the iHeartRadio 102.7 KIIS FM jingle ball on Friday nightCredits: Getty Images-Getty


Doja Cat also appears at the eventCredit: Rex

And she showed no signs of a hangover after having a party at the nightclub Nightingale Plaza the night before.

Rapper, real name Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, was celebrating after being nominated for a Grammy Award.

Mel B has revealed that the Spice Girls will meet again for another tour-and it’s faster than you think

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Spice Girls are pressing Victoria Beckham to take part in the 2023 World Tour

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