South African health regulators recommend resuming Johnson & Johnson vaccination

South African health regulators have recommended resuming the use of Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine. This was a few days after South Africa followed the United States and paused to assess the risk of blood clotting from a single dose.

Releasing the suspension should be subject to “enhanced screening and monitoring of participants at high risk of blood coagulation disorders” and the latest plans to treat vaccine-related blood clots, South Africa. Health product regulators said this weekend. An expert ethics committee must also give approval before the country reopens.

The J & J vaccine was the only one deployed in South Africa until the country shut down the vaccine on Tuesday, risking further turmoil in vaccination in Africa’s most industrial economy.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Food and Drug Administration have recommended an indefinite suspension after 6 rare blood coagulopathy out of approximately 7 million doses administered in the United States. The use of the J & J vaccine in the United States remains pending after experts say this week there is not enough evidence to change stance.

No cases of blood clotting have been recorded among approximately 300,000 health care workers vaccinated in South Africa prior to the suspension.

“The reason it is important to recognize this very rare side effect is that management is different from the usual treatment of blood clots and these serious complications can be alleviated with rapid and effective treatment,” South Africa said. The Medical Research Council said this week.

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s government was under pressure to accelerate the slowdown in the pace of vaccination, even before the US suspension interrupted the plan.

South Africa has recorded more than 1.5 million cases so far and is the most devastating African country in the pandemic, especially after the violent second wave of the New Year. Since then, the daily number of new cases has declined significantly, but it is widely feared that a third wave is imminent.

South Africa went to J & J at the last minute in February after the original plan to use the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine was established on the basis of evidence that it could not protect against mild illness in the case of domestically predominant variants. I switched.

South Africa’s supply of J & J vaccines has been limited to date as the first deployment among healthcare professionals took the form of research rather than commercially ordered deliveries.

More deliveries from J & J are scheduled for the end of this month and will be used in the second phase of the rollout, prioritizing the elderly and vulnerable South Africans.

The Ramaphosa government has ordered a two-dose vaccine of 31m J & J Shot and 30m Pfizer to achieve the goal of immunizing 40 million people. Online registration for people over the age of 60 began on Friday.

This week, the major opposition Democratic Alliance has the “luxury” that the United States can suspend the J & J vaccine, as millions of Americans have already been injected by other pharmaceutical companies, unlike South Africa. He said he was.

“Currently, there is only a small amount of this single vaccine available to us, so stopping the administration of one vaccine is unlikely to affect South Africa,” the party said.

South African health regulators recommend resuming Johnson & Johnson vaccination

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