South Africa Rugby: Rassie Erasmus withdraws appeal against sanctions

Rassie Erasmus And SA Rugby withdrew their appeal against sanctions imposed after an independent hearing upheld a total of eight charges of illegal activity.

In addition, the Erasmus-Springbox union announced a public apology in July to match officials led by referee Nic Berry, who oversaw the first test against Lions.

Erasmus has been banned from all rugby activities for two months and will not be able to join the team on match day until September 30th next year after being convicted of six illegal acts.

Some of the proven accusations against South African rugby directors threatened Berry in the hope of setting up a meeting with Australians. After that, he published an hour’s critique of the performance of the players on social media.

Meanwhile, SA Rugby was fined £ 20,000 after two cases of fraud were upheld and warned of future actions.

Both Erasmus and Union have been ordered to apologize to the currently released match officials.

“SA Rugby and Rassie Erasmus want to apologize to the matchmakers appointed for the first test of the Springbox series against Lions,” the SA Rugby statement read.

“We also confirm that SA Rugby and Erasmus have withdrawn the notice of appeal to World Rugby and have informed them that they will not appeal against the sanctions imposed by the Justice Commission.

“This is a very stressful and rechargeable environment, putting extraordinary pressure on everyone involved. We don’t want anyone to prolong the experience.

“We have drawn a line under the incident, and we just want to look forward to it. We will respect the outcome of the hearing and allow the national team and rugby operations to be clearly planned for the coming months. increase.”

Following the hearing decision, Erasmus received strong support in South Africa, despite a written decision revealing the extent of the emotional sacrifice to Berry.

Last week, the Springboks boss seemed to downplay sanctions by posting his photo in camouflage on social media, suggesting that he might try to enter Twickenham for an England match. increase.

And in a little more talk about World Rugby disciplinary action, he publishes a photo of Guinness’s pint with the caption “But I feel that two months shouldn’t be scary!” bottom.

South Africa Rugby: Rassie Erasmus withdraws appeal against sanctions

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