Soccer risks killing gold geese, Aston Villa’s Christian Purslow warns

Imposing transfer tax Premier League Clubs that further support the football pyramid say they are at risk of “killing gold geese.” Aston Villa Chief executive officer Christian Perthrow

A fan-led review of football governance, among other recommendations, imposes up to 10% “stamp duty” on transactions between top clubs or foreign signatures to protect the financial stability of lower sectors. I made a suggestion.

The Premier League widely welcomed this review and considered all future suggestions, but also warned of a wide range of reforms that would ultimately undermine the game’s position.

And Parslow said top-class clubs shouldn’t be considered a simple target with unlimited financial strength.

“The Premier League has already promised the government that £ 1.6 billion will use your verb to cascade to the rest of football over the next three years, so it will be difficult to do more. Perthrow told the BBC Radio 4 Today Program.

“The pyramids are always dependent on the top of the game, funding the ecosystem, which is primarily football, which the Premier League has lent over £ 250 million to the championship and £ 50 million. Most clearly seen in the midst of the Covid crisis when donating the above: League 1 and League 2.

“The Premier League has always been the remaining source of funding for football, and as you said, kill the gold geese if you over-regulate the dangers here, as well as the highly successful financial and commercial operations. That is. “

The central recommendations of the review on the creation of an independent football authority under Parliament Act have, in principle, been approved by the government and a substantive response will be announced next spring.

Arsenal Manager Mikel Arteta British football needs to be ready to face such changes when implemented.

“We need to read it (review) correctly to determine what we want as a club and where we position ourselves,” said the Gunners boss.

“But there is movement, and as in all cases, we evolve in one direction and hopefully in the right direction.”

Brighton Manager Graham Potter I feel that some recommendations can provide additional financial stability further down the department.

Brighton manager Graham Potter recalled his time as a player when he wasn’t paid for Christmas (Nick Potts / PA).

(PA wire)

“In reality, we are in a market economy. Whatever I can do to improve the game, which is all the purpose, to support the game, we seem to be a little overkill,” he said. Told.

“Most of my (playing) career was in the football league, and I know the struggles that clubs in those divisions may face.

“I remember one Christmas when I wasn’t getting paid because the club’s finances weren’t well managed.

“It’s up to the club to do that, but it’s important if there’s something we can do as a group to make the game better.

“It can be difficult to regulate football club dynamics in terms of football club owners and governance, but we haven’t seen enough to pass enough comments (in the review).”

Soccer risks killing gold geese, Aston Villa’s Christian Purslow warns

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