Snoop Dogg, deadmau5 and Sean Neff join London-based cryptocurrency VC company

One of the first VC companies to focus on investing in a new crypto ecosystem, Outlier Venture Announced the latest strategic members to participate in the Outlier Ventures Partnership. These new members, which the company calls “Outliers,” will invest in and advise startups via Outlier Ventures’ BaseCamp accelerator, called the Metaverse Y-Combinator.

Cryptographic venture capital launched in 2014 society Outlier Ventures is a highly competitive virtual accelerator that receives over 5,000 applications, Crucible and biconomy. In addition, we have helped launch and grow multi-billion dollar crypto economies such as, Boson Protocol, Secret Network, Blox Move, Swash and DIAData.

Stella Portfolio

Their portfolio includes use cases such as NFT-based digital haute couture fashion brands, avatar marketplaces, decentralized music publishing platforms, Play-to-Earn games, augmented reality pets, as well as DeFi, NFT and blockchain infrastructure. Contains notable projects for the entire structure.

Host a dedicated accelerator program

Last year, a cryptocurrency VC company extended its Base Camp program to partner with major protocols such as Filecoin, Polygon and Polkadot to host accelerator programs dedicated to these Web3 ecosystems. Outlier Ventures aims to achieve record growth, double cohort intake each year and accelerate more than 100 startups in 2022 through a blockchain-agnostic approach to global transaction volume. Has become one of the most active investors in this area.

Contributing to the new web paradigm Web3

Since its inception, Outlier Ventures has seen an openstack and portfolio of technologies that contribute to a new web paradigm called Web3, based on the principle of prioritizing user, user data and digital asset sovereignty over platforms and shareholders. .. hegemony. In January 2021, Outlier Ventures published a paper on the impending arrival of the “Metaverse” outlining how Web3 works as an operating system for the Open Metaverse.

In this paper, the Open Metaverse OS proposed a framework and pathways for designing Open Metaverse, which acts as an antidote to the broken Internet. It is centralized, closed, proprietary, and extractive. Outlier Ventures’ Open Metaverse OS foresaw how a web monopoly like Facebook would see Metaverse as a way to extend and deepen its antisocial business model. This is evidenced by Facebook’s focus on Metaverse and its rebranding to Meta.

Make it impossible to distinguish between physical space and digital space

Ultimately, Metaverse connects all platforms, virtual worlds, and games to an Internet-native, single, unlicensed, peer-to-peer economy. Most importantly, it is backed by encryption and Web3 technology. “We absolutely must equate cryptography with the Metaverse. The Metaverse is our physical space, just as cryptography is increasingly experienced through the immersive experience that connects the real world and virtual assets. And in the long run, cryptocurrencies subordinate all statutory bill-based economies on the planet, but it’s a peaceful revolution, “said the founder and CEO of Outlier Ventures. Jamie Burke said.

New member list

The new members include entertainment, music, consumers, celebrity brands, and the most prominent figures such as Web3 founders, investors and advisors Neff Headware, Sun Bum, Robinhood, Sony, Target and Moon with Kendall. Represents a part. Jenner, Beach House Group brand, Joel Zimmerman (also known as deadmau5), GRAMMY nominated electronic artist, Dean Wilson, SEVEN20 CEO and founder, deadmau5 manager and business partner, Snoop Dogg, musician and entrepreneur, Nicholas Adler , Unified President Music Group, Snoop Dogg Manager, Cathy Hackl, Chief Metaverse Officer & CEO, Futures Intelligence Group, Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon Network Founder, Sebastien Borget, COO, The Sandbox Co-Founder, Sillytuna, Prominent Crypto Angel Investor, NFT Collector Max Stealth, NFT Collector, Akira, NFT Collector, Gabby Dizon, Co-founder of Yield Guild Games.

With the participation of this latest member, VC companies are simultaneously introducing new models of value creation that disrupt and transform Hollywood, Wall Street and Silicon Valley, while empowering creators and consumers alike. Promotes the fusion of culture, technology and commerce. Immediately.

Snoop Dogg, deadmau5 and Sean Neff join London-based cryptocurrency VC company

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