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‘Snak’s Crisis Cabinet’: What the Newspapers Say After the Prime Minister’s Reshuffle | Newspapers

Rishi Snack The sudden return to the top of British politics and the announcement of a new cabinet It dominates the UK front page on Wednesday.

of Guardian Headline “Replacement bet on the first day of Prime Minister’s charge”, Rishi Snack I met King Charles at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

The paper said that Sunak “committed to bringing ‘honesty and accountability'” but “gambled Suella Braverman back into the Home Office less than a week after being fired for security breaches.” wrote.

Under the headline, “I will correct my mistake. I swear Sunak as he brings in the continuation cabinet.” Times It noted that “a third of ministers” have retained their jobs.

of Me We call it the “Snack Crisis Cabinet”. It says the prime minister has racked up his front bench with “political rivals” in “a bid to unite the warring Tories”.

But the newspaper quoted a Tory source as saying that “all the bastards have the best jobs” and “the ‘sniping’ never stops”.

of Post “Leave it to His Majesty!” A page-wide photo of the new prime minister and monarch.

The paper’s political editor wrote, “Sunak elected a unity government last night because he promised to ‘right the wrongs’ made by Liz Truss.”

of Telegraph quotes the Prime Minister on its front page as follows: i will fix them. According to it, Sunak warned, “He partially blamed his predecessor for his financial turmoil, which required a ‘tough decision’.”

of financial times “Sunak is in a ‘serious crisis’,” he said. Jeremy Hunt “remained prime minister out of a focus on stability and confidence”, noting early signs that Sunak’s election had “decreased market turmoil”.

of mirror It highlights the scale of the crisis facing the prime minister, with the headline “Meanwhile..in the real world.”

“People are desperate for the cost of living when billionaire Rishi Sunak starts working as prime minister. Some basic food items have risen by almost two-thirds in a year.”

of Sun Over a photo of Sunak and Downing Street cat Larry, it says, “PM brings back a familiar face” and “We’ve kicked out at least one more mog, Larry.”

“The new prime minister has sacked 11 of his predecessor’s top team, including Jacob Rees-Mogg,” the newspaper said.

At the end, daily record Sunak is branded as ‘wee fartie’ which means coward in Scottish. “Opposition parties accuse the new prime minister of running in fear of a general election,” the newspaper wrote.

https://www.theguardian.com/media/2022/oct/26/sunaks-crisis-cabinet-what-the-papers-say-after-prime-ministers-reshuffle ‘Snak’s Crisis Cabinet’: What the Newspapers Say After the Prime Minister’s Reshuffle | Newspapers

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