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Snack refuses to promise to match inflation and reinstate the fracking ban.politics

Snack refuses to promise to raise benefits to match inflation

Westminster SNP Reader, Ian Blackford Congrats snack Became the first British prime minister in Asia. A symbol of this accomplishment, he says, is being “warmly welcomed” by all.

He asks Sunak if he will reassure people and ensure that benefits will increase in line with inflation in his upcoming budget.

Sunak doesn’t directly answer the question, but said, “We have always acted to protect the most vulnerable.”

He added that he would “continue to act that way for the next few weeks,” but made no promises to rise.

Snack says:

I have always acted to protect the most vulnerable. That’s because it’s the right thing to do and it’s the values ​​of our compassionate party.

I can reassure him completely and give him a promise to continue to act that way for the next few weeks.

Starmers also challenge Rishi Snack on his reappointment decision Suela Braverman as Home Secretary after stepping down just a week ago.

Sturmer Attacks The Snack Over Reappointment Of Suera Braverman – Video

kia starmer launched an attack on Rishi Snack In PMQ, The new prime minister said he had lost the first Tory leadership race to Liz Truss, and was “himself beaten by Lettuce”.

Jessica Elgot

Fracking will remain effectively banned under Rishi Sunak’s government, his spokesman confirmed Wednesday, saying the new prime minister is committed to the policies of the 2019 manifesto.

The confirmation comes after the prime minister told the House of Commons that he “supports” a manifesto moratorium on shale gas extraction.

The decision is another rejection of the policies laid out under Liz Truss, and a complete rewrite of her financial plans. The moratorium was lifted amid the division.

A number of parliamentarians, including cabinet ministers, have spoken out against fracking, including Prime Minister Jeremy Hunt in June, who argued that “although there would be little, if any, significant economic benefit. It will cause turmoil and environmental destruction,” he said.

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The government is currently spending almost £7m a day to house asylum seekers in hotels and the cost is likely to continue to rise, MPs have heard.
of Commons Home Affairs Committee £5.6m per day is being spent on hotels for those who have arrived in the UK and filed claims, and more to accommodate Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban takeover while long-term accommodation is sought. I was told I was being paid £1.2million. PA reports.
The £6.8m total is more than £2m more than the government said it had spent in February (£4.7m).
Asked by commission chair Dame Diana Johnson if costs could rise again, Avi Tierney, head of the Passport Service and UK Visas and Immigration Service, said yes. .
MPs also learned that the interior ministry had processed only 4% of asylum applications by people who crossed the English Channel last year, and officials said the rate of interception by French police of those who tried to travel had dropped. Admitted.
Concerns were also raised about the condition of the Manston airport site in Kent. It is intended to be a short-term accommodation facility for processing immigrants arriving in the UK.
MPs have heard that the number of people arriving has “exceeded” the site’s capacity, with some staying there for as long as a month compared to the intended 24 hours.

Sir Care Sturmers A spokesperson said the Cabinet Secretary responded to a letter on Suera Braverman after Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper called on Simon Case to investigate “the extent of this and other possible security breaches.” Labor said it hoped it would provide a substantive answer.

He said:

Obviously, if there is a query content that must be preserved, it is understandable. If the prime minister had advice that raised eyebrows within the public service about this appointment, it absolutely should be in the public domain. It is perfectly possible to do that.

Rory Carroll

Rory Carroll

Northern Ireland secretary, Chris Heaton-Harris He is in final negotiations with the regional leaders to restore a devolved government and avoid parliamentary elections.

Heaton-Harris is expected to hold an election if Thursday’s meeting in Belfast does not produce a breakthrough to restore Thursday’s power-sharing, throwing Northern Ireland into further uncertainty.

Negotiations were thrown into darkness as the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) vowed to continue boycotting Stormont officials unless their objections to the post-Brexit Irish Sea border were resolved.

Sinn Fein's Michelle O'Neill did not become Prime Minister after the May elections because of a presidential boycott by Jeffrey Donaldson's DUP.
Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill did not become Prime Minister after the May elections because of a presidential boycott by Jeffrey Donaldson’s DUP. Photo: Liam McBurney/PA

The impasse has sparked fears about the December election, just seven months after the last election. In the May elections, Sinn Fein overtook his DUP to become the largest party. Landmark resultbut its deputy leader, Michelle O’Neal He did not become prime minister because of the DUP boycott.

The crisis deepened political malaise in Northern Ireland and cast doubt on the viability of the power-sharing institutions established by the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. it wasn’t working.

Heaton-Harris was reappointed to his post by Rishi Snack On Tuesday, he repeatedly warned of elections if the cadres were not organized by the October 28 legal deadline. He repeated his threats on Wednesday.

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Aubrey Allegretti

Aubrey Allegretti

Aubrey Allegretti of The Guardian has a full report on Rishi Sunak’s first PMQ.

Rishi Snack He has been accused of quickly breaking his promise to restore the integrity of the government. Suela Braverman returned as Home Secretary in exchange for major endorsements for his bid for leadership.

Sunak, who came under pressure over the first prime minister’s question, did not deny that civil servants had expressed concerns about one of the most senior roles handed out in 2018. his cabinet reshuffle on tuesday.

kia starmer The Labor leader questioned Sunak’s commitment to honesty and professionalism despite “deliberately examining classified Home Office documents” from a personal email account after Braverman was returned to government. .

Mr Sturmer said Mr Sunak was “very weak and made a nasty deal in exchange for national security”, voicing concerns raised privately by some Conservative MPs over the past 24 hours.

Braverman is was forced to quit last week The move was seen as an important victory for Sunak, indicating that it has gained support from the party’s right wing. I was able to

Sturmer asked Sunak if she was right to step down last week, saying the home minister’s integrity and professionalism should be “beyond doubt”.

The prime minister said Braverman made an error of judgment and admitted her mistake, adding:

That’s why I was delighted to have her in a united cabinet that brings experience and stability to the heart of government.

Asked whether officials had expressed concerns about the appointment, given that Chief Cabinet Secretary Simon Case was said to be furious, Snack avoided the question, saying he had already “addressed the issue.” Sturmer said the avoidance showed that while there was a “new Tory at the top”, Sunak showed that he would put “the party first and the country second”. rice field.

Read the full report here:

Here’s a clip of the prime minister Jeremy Huntconfirmed that his accounting report has been postponed until November 17.

Previously scheduled for Oct. 31, he said it would be a “full fall statement” reflecting the “most accurate economic forecast.”

Jeremy Hunt confirms financial statements postponed until November 17 – video

And there are some lines from Downing Street including this one Rishi Snack Appoint a new Independent Advisor on Ministerial Interests.

Other news

– Snak intends to appoint an ethics advisor, but will not be involved in Braverman’s investigation
– 3% of defense spending is not a clear commitment

— Jessica Elgot (@jessicaelgot) October 26, 2022

prime minister, Jeremy Huntis looking to fill a £35bn deficit when he files a statement next fall, officials have Said Bloomberg.

Officials say the government has created a menu of 104 options to cut spending as it tries to get its finances back on a sustainable track.

https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2022/oct/26/rishi-sunak-first-pmqs-keir-starmer-suella-braverman-conservatives-uk-politics-latest Snack refuses to promise to match inflation and reinstate the fracking ban.politics

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