Skins star April Pearson announces pregnancy news after a tragic miscarriage

skin Star April Pearson announced that she was pregnant after a sad miscarriage earlier this year.

In April 32, she reported the news on her Instagram, explaining that her miscarriage triggered her current pregnancy to be classified as “high risk.”

The actor already knew the gender of her child and revealed that she was expecting a boy.

Sharing a photo of herself without makeup standing under the rainbow with a flowering baby bump, she wrote in April:

A boy will be born in April and will give birth in April 2022.

“Miscarriage earlier this year, and some of the most dreadful parts of the process so far, high-risk pregnancies that require continuous monitoring,” continued April.

“But here I’m standing under a rainbow that appeared last week, 20 weeks gestation, just before a very scary scan.

“I realized that I was dependent on this wonderful community because I was absent from social media. I miss you.

“I don’t know how to record the rest of my pregnancy, but I want to be here. I’m definitely myself.”

She concludes a sweet post announcing the gender and due date of the unborn baby.

In April 32, she revealed that she had a miscarriage earlier this year.

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Since then, congratulations on April with the actor of Tracy Beaker. Dani Harmer Lead the message.

Dani writes: Jump into my DMS whenever you want to chat !! “

Someone else said: “Omg !! Congratulations !!! Please send me a lot of love !!!” as a third party wrote: “Aaaaaa congratulates my love !! You And sent a lot of love to Jamie and I am very happy with both of you. “

Another person wrote: “Congratulations! You will be a wonderful parent. Send you all the positive thoughts for a healthy journey! Very exciting! I love you !!!”

Since sharing the pregnancy news, April has described people’s reactions as “overwhelming” and thanked 283,000 followers for their support message.

April painted with the rest of the skins cast in 2007

“Your generous story and congratulations haven’t been overlooked,” April said.

“I’m doing my best to get through a nice list of messages. Just be patient. I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. See?”

Back in February, April launched her own podcast named “Are you Skin Michelle?”

Following that debut, April had something like JLS Aston marigold Harry Potter James and Oliver Phelps.

“Are you Michelle of Skins?” Originally started as a live IGTV series in 2020.

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Skins star April Pearson announces pregnancy news after a tragic miscarriage

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