Skepsis sits down and discusses music and his new album Faith In Chaos

SOUTH London’s sensation, Skepsis, was born out of a turbulent era with dynamite’s new album, Faith In Chaos.

Released on the Crucast label in October, the album shows how self-taught producer and bass music maestro has progressed in a short period of time since it began to become famous a few years ago. Over 15 tracks, he outlines his manifesto of genre-breaking dance music, a long player who won’t be disappointed.


He’s been busy touring since the album was first released, but he found time to sit down with Ash Brewer on a busy schedule. Night bazaar Their new InConversation podcast discusses album creation during the last two years of the blockade, receptions since its release, busy tour schedules, the implications behind the album name, and more. ..To listen to The movement presents a night bazaar here to talk to the head of Skepsis..

Skepsis also stopped by with a playlist of his current favorite tracks from his DJ set and outstanding tracks from his new longplayer.

Listen to the music and read what he had to say about music in his selection below.Listen to his new album Faith In Chaos here..

Skepsisft. Emily Makis-Tell me

One of my personal favorites from my album was the joy of working with such great vocals!

Nubass & Deppz-Knock Knock

I’ve been playing this banger on my set for a long time, so it’s very dark.

Skepsis & Kanineft. Takura-again

Something a little different from me and my brother Canine, I love closing my set with this.

Kanineft. Elipsa-AllToMe

Kanine again, he’s breaking it now!

Skepsisft. Scrufizzer-Bumpa

One of my favorite MCs, the Faith In Chaos garage-style truck.

AC Slater & Chris Lorenzo-Fly With Us

It’s one of the biggest bus bangers around and I don’t need to say any more.

Skepsis & TS7-Freak

Last year’s national anthem! Shout Out TS7, we made something great.

Skepsis & Window Kid-Lose My Mind

Another Crucast collaborator, I actually started this track in 2018.

Subsonic-Last time

Talented Subsonic Groovy Drum n Bass bop

Sammy Virge & MPH-Get Dam

Recently, two absolutely amazing producers have joined together to create this banger, so it’s elastic!

Skepsis sits down and discusses music and his new album Faith In Chaos

Source link Skepsis sits down and discusses music and his new album Faith In Chaos

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