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Sir Keir Starmer raises stakes in Boris Johnson’s future battle in a new “winetime” claim | British News

Sir Kiel Starmer is enthusiastic about drinking Boris Johnson following a new allegation of “Winetime Fridays” at 10 Downing Street.

In a major speech, Labor leaders said the party’s claims over the past few days Prime Minister I have been guilty of “deception and deception” and cannot lead.

Sir Kiel’s attack occurs after the Daily Mirror reports: Downing Street staff hold “Friday wine time” PM witnessed regularly throughout the pandemic.

What political parties allegedly took place in Whitehall and Downing Street during the blockade?

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Tory grassroots with party gate scandal

Miller claims that Johnson encouraged his aides to “escape steam”, even though he was banned from socializing in large groups under his own blockade rules.

The recurring event was so popular that staff are said to have even invested a £ 142 drink fridge to keep bottles of white wine, prosecco and beer cool.

An aide took turns visiting the local Tesco Metro on Friday and is said to have filled 34 refrigerators with the now infamous Willy suitcase used on the eve of Prince Phillip’s funeral.

The latest ridiculous accusations will come later No. 10 was forced to apologize to the Queen After a noisy party was unveiled in Downing Street on the eve of Prince Phillip’s funeral.

 The handouts issued by the British Prime Minister's Parliament ask Keir Starmer during the Prime Minister's question at the House of Commons. Photo date: Wednesday, January 12, 2022.Photo: British Parliament / Jessica Taylor
In a major speech, Labor leaders argue that the prime minister cannot take the lead

According to The Times, recent turmoil over the blockade party has urged ministers to personally claim that the prime minister is in the “last chance saloon.”

And in reports that leadership rivals Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are begging Tory lawmakers and donors, the Financial Times said one of Johnson’s longtime supporters was mourning. I am.

In the face of Miller’s allegations, Downing Street spokesmen did not try to deny them, relying on the now familiar response to be investigated by civil servant Sue Gray’s investigation.

Analysis: Boris Johnson is skating on thin ice, but the Tories are not ready to drop the winners of the proven elections

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How to replace the tory PM

What does Sue Gray’s investigation into the No. 10 party mean and who decides what will happen next?

A spokeswoman told Sky News that “an investigation is underway to clarify facts about the nature of the rally, such as attendance, setting, and objectives related to compliance with the guidance at the time.”

“The survey results will be published soon.”

In his speech to the Fabian Society’s meeting during his onslaught against the Prime Minister, Sir Kiel will condemn the conservative government’s record of a pandemic and reveal a dispute over whether Mr Johnson should be in office.

“Rather than focusing on overcoming a pandemic and creating a waiting list, this bragging Tories is fighting for a leader they should have known from the beginning,” he says.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (center) is leaving the Capitol in Westminster, London. This is because the public's anger continues after a leak of an email from Prime Minister Martin Reynolds on Monday inviting 100 10 Downing Street employees. "Bring your own liquor" Party in the garden behind No10 during the first blockade of England on May 20, 2020. Date of issue: Wednesday, January 12, 2022.
Boris Johnson, portrayed on Wednesday, is increasingly calling for his resignation.

“We are witnessing the broken sight of the Prime Minister being deceived and deceived and unable to lead.”

Sir Kiel claims he has lost support for the prime minister as he raises stakes in Mr Johnson’s future battle amid the rage of the Tories grassroots movement.

Faced with a rebellion between his MPs and activists, the Prime Minister is said to be planning a counterattack to save his premiership, which he calls the Operation Save Big Dog.

Analysis: The wagon is orbiting the prime minister, but his government is paralyzed by a “party gate” scandal.

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His plan is said to include creating a list of staff requesting resignation and relaxing Plan B’s COVID restrictions such as COVID passports, masks, and telecommuting.

But with conservative lawmakers in most constituencies this weekend, voters and dissatisfied activists can give him a brutal verdict, which could lead to increased opposition to the prime minister.

Sir Keir Starmer raises stakes in Boris Johnson’s future battle in a new “winetime” claim | British News

SourceSir Keir Starmer raises stakes in Boris Johnson’s future battle in a new “winetime” claim | British News

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