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Sir Frost reveals how the EU actually sees the UK – Block is invested in making Brexit fail | UK | News

Brexit Minister Frost resigns from Cabinet

A former Brexit negotiator at the government has accused some EU officials of continued malicious intent in an extensive interview with The Telegraph. Regarding the current relationship between Britain and Brock, he states: [Brexit] In the negotiations, the EU feels that we are not taken seriously as a kind of state or territory that expects us to exert extraordinary influence in some way, not as an equal negotiating partner. It often happened.

“That’s not the way we saw it-and I wasn’t happy about it.

“I think the atmosphere is gradually improving as certain people progress, but much of the EU is investing in Brexit’s failure.”

In a debate over civil servant reform, former Foreign Ministry Mandarin opposed when asked if Whitehall people wanted to thwart Brexit under Theresa May’s Prime Minister.

He states: “I don’t call it obstruction, but the intellectual midpoint of civil servants was that the European Union was entertaining and it was very bad for us to leave. The right place.”

Sir David Frost reveals how the European Union is “investing in Brexit’s failure” (Image: PA)

Sir David Frost travels to Brussels to discuss after arriving at St Pancras Station in London

Sir Frost arrives at St Pancras Station in London before traveling to Brussels for a meeting. (Image: PA)

“It is clear that we tried to stop Brexit after the referendum, and some of our political organizations worked with parts of the EU to attempt a second withdrawal,” Sir Frost said in a telegraph. I admit it.

In Northern Ireland, which is still in the EU single market, Sir Frost used the fragile peace of the region as a key to negotiations during Brexit negotiations, especially when Theresa May was Prime Minister. It’s shocking. “

He states: “One of the problems we had when we arrived in 2019 was that the position of the principle was already recognized and a lot of damage was done.

“I was so worried that Brexit wouldn’t be available at all, so I made the strategic decision to offer Brexit as soon as possible so that the country was free to choose about the future.”

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Liz Truss will host Maroš Šefchovic, post-EU negotiator, at Chevening

Liz Truss will host Maroš Šefchovic, post-EU negotiator, at Chevening (Image: PA)

Simon Coveney

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney (Image: PA)

He added that under the Northern Ireland Protocol, in contrast to the Irish backstop in May, the Northern Ireland Assembly has the right to vote within four years on whether to continue the existing arrangements.

The Government also has the right to invoke Article 16 of the Protocol, which terminates the Agreement.

Sir Frost said: ..

“If they claim goods to move to Northern Ireland like the EU’s external borders, it doesn’t work. It wasn’t designed to be done by the protocol.

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Description of the Northern Ireland Sausage War (Image: Express)

“If the EU wants a good relationship with us, they should negotiate and do something better.”

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said he hopes to reach an agreement on the Protocol by the end of February.

He said he did not want the May Northern Ireland Assembly elections to be dominated by the “polarization” issue.

After taking over Brexit negotiations after Sir Frost’s resignation, British Foreign Minister Liz Truss held his first meeting this week with Vice-President Maroš Šefchovic.

David Frost, Baron Frost and CMG will arrive on a British mission to the EU in Brussels on December 24, 2020.

Sir Frost arrives for a meeting in Brussels in December 2020 (Image: Getty)

Mr Coveny said in a speech on Friday that the meeting marked a reset of relations between the EU and Britain. And it’s “in a better place” than is currently seen “for a while”.

He states: “From the conversation with both sides, I think the process will be very serious.

“In people’s minds, really, if possible, I would like to resolve these issues by the end of February so that the Northern Ireland elections can move forward without being dominated by the Protocol issue. ..

“Northern elections often polarize enough without increasing the complexity and tension of the Protocol and its implementation.

“Therefore, I think everyone is aware of their responsibility in trying to bring some stability and certainty to Northern Ireland in the context of Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol.”

Mr. Truss said there was “a deal to be made” after the meeting with Mr. Sefkovich.

However, she refused to rule out the possibility that Britain would invoke Article 16 if the path of progress could not be agreed.

However, Mr Coveny argued that the Protocol would remain here and did not expect Britain to remove the threat of Article 16 until an agreement was reached.

He told RT Radio One: “The Protocol is there. It is part of an international treaty and part of international law.

“So what is really focused on the EU side is how to implement this Protocol in a practical and flexible way and to incorporate the true concerns raised in Northern Ireland.

“If both sides work on that basis, I think there will be a landing zone that can be agreed upon in the next 6-8 weeks.

“From the perspective of the Irish Government, we strive to support the process.”

Mr. Coveney said he did not expect the British government to continue the threat of invoking Article 16, “I think the UK will take up something like the use of Article 16 until an agreement is reached. No .. That’s exactly the nature of negotiations.

“But I think the consequences of the invocation of Article 16 will do a great deal of damage to the relationships we are currently trying to build to resolve these issues through negotiations, in a way that sets aside the major elements of the Protocol. . And good politics. “

Since its introduction in 2021, the Protocol has disrupted trade between the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Unionists oppose checks because they don’t want Northern Ireland to be treated differently than any other country.

The UK wants changes, including removing the check between the UK and Northern Ireland.

Sir Frost reveals how the EU actually sees the UK – Block is invested in making Brexit fail | UK | News

SourceSir Frost reveals how the EU actually sees the UK – Block is invested in making Brexit fail | UK | News

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