Sir David Amess was “stabbed in the chest many times” by the “terror killer,” the inquest said.

Tragic Tory lawmaker Sir David Amess died after being stabbed many times in the chest.

On October 15, five fathers, 69, were stabbed to death during a member’s surgery in Leonsee, Essex.


Sir David Amess, Congressman Tory, was beaten with a knife during a member’s surgery in Essex’s Leonsea.

Twenty-five-year-old Ali Harbi Ali, arrested by armed police on the scene, was charged with murder and terrorism.

One cross-examination heard today how Sir David declared that he had been killed with a knife “during a meeting with an individual” and died at 1:13 pm.

Hearings also reported that the MP died of “multiple puncture wounds on the chest,” but the number of wounds was not confirmed.

The inquest has been postponed until the outcome of the criminal procedure is available and is scheduled for review on April 27.

Lincoln Brooks, senior coroner at Essex, said:

“I am confident that on behalf of many of the nations, I have expressed my heartfelt condolences to Sir David’s family.”

It’s after the details of Sir David’s funeral have been confirmed-at a service scheduled to take place at Westminster Cathedral on November 23rd.

Sir David’s family paid tribute to the “courageous” MPs in a moving statement after his death.

They said the MP was “very proud”, saying “our heart is shattered.”

The statement states: “Strong and courageous is the right way to explain David. He was a patriot and a peaceful person.

“So we ask people to set their differences aside and show kindness and love to all.

“This is the only way to move forward. Set your hatred aside and work towards a sense of unity.

“Whatever your racial, religious or political beliefs, you are tolerant and willing to understand.

“As a family, we are trying to understand why this terrible thing happened. No one should die that way. No one.

“Bring something good from this tragedy. We are absolutely broken, but we will survive and continue for those who are wonderfully inspiring.”

Terror charge

Ali appeared in Old Bailey last week and was detained prior to the interim trial on March 7, 2022.

He has not yet pleaed preparations for murder and terrorist acts between May 1, 2019 and September this year.

The CPS had previously issued accusations, stating that the attack had both “religious and idealistic motivations.”

Deputy Commissioner Matt Jukes said: “I would like to extend my deepest condolences to Sir David Amess’s family, friends and colleagues who died tragically last Friday.

“Sir David’s family, members, dedication to the community, and his positive influence on the lives of many are shining.

“This accusation is an important milestone in the case, but my colleague’s work at Mets’ Counterterrorism Command continues.”


His wife Julia and Sir David Ames at the wedding of another girl and daughter Alexandra as a bridesmaid in August


Ali Harbi Ali was charged with murder
A two-minute silent prayer was held to remember a week after the murder of Sir David Amess of the Conservative Party.

Sir David Amess was “stabbed in the chest many times” by the “terror killer,” the inquest said.

SourceSir David Amess was “stabbed in the chest many times” by the “terror killer,” the inquest said.

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