Sinn Fein chairman accuses Boris Johnson of using Northern Ireland as ‘pledge’ in EU talks | Political news

Sinn Fein has accused Boris Johnson of playing dangerous games with the people of Northern Ireland and using the nation as a “pledge” in negotiations with the EU.

President Mary Lou MacDonald has said the British government is helping the DUP block Sinn Féin from running for office after winning the election.

This happened after Sinn Féin became the first nationalist party won the most seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly in the last elections.

But the administration has not been able to act since Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, the leader of the DUP, said his party’s refusal to re-enter the executive branch was part of a protest against the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Speaking in Dublin today ahead of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s visit to Northern Ireland next week, MacDonald accused the British government of trying to “undermine the democratic will of the people”.

He said. “We have to show respect for people’s votes, we have to admit that there is a lot of work to be done, because we are in the grip of a cost of living crisis.

“Mr Johnson can not play games with the people of Northern Ireland or the island of Ireland. He agreed with the DUP to use Ireland, to use the north of Ireland, to use unionism as a pledge in the wider game that is taking place. played with the EU.

“It is obviously a shameful tactic, an approach that is completely unacceptable.”

He said that the DUP not only called for an end to the executive branch, but also tried to veto the assembly.

Mrs. MacDonald said. “It’s terrible. The British government has supported the DUP in this blocking strategy, և they must stop և, of course, when we meet with Mr Johnson, we will make that very clear as well.

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“We want a partnership – to respond to the really difficult circumstances in which people find themselves. So, yes, we’ve heard the message from London և they’m shocked.

“The people of this island deserve so much better than that. Mr. Johnson, his government can not play these dangerous games with the people of Northern Island or Ireland.”

Sinn Fein Vice President Michelle O’Neill also spoke with Ms. MacDonald in Dublin, saying the DUP was punishing the public “for their public disorder.”

He said. “There should be no delay, we were there yesterday, we presented ourselves as we promised to the electorate.

“The DUP is doing two things: they are punishing the public for their own Brexit mess, the Tories are contributing to that.”

This came after the Prime Minister warned that the UK could withdraw from the protocol, which is part of the Brexit agreement with the EU, if Brussels does not agree to major changes.

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The government has stated that the requirement to inspect goods transported from Great Britain to Northern Ireland in order to keep the border with the country open is damaging business and inflaming sectarian tensions.

However, the EU has warned that it will retaliate if the UK acts unilaterally.

Earlier in the day, Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy said the Northern Ireland government’s threats to sever the Protocol were “at its worst” because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

As economic tensions escalated, Mr Lammi said it was “wrong, short-sighted, bad judgment” to open differences with Britain’s European allies in the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He said. “Instead of finding practical solutions, they are planning a trade war in the face of a livelihood crisis.”

In response to Sinn Fein’s comments today, Speaker No. 10 told Sky News: “The protocol is causing real problems on the ground, and its current operation undermines the Good Friday Agreement.

“It also does not require inter-community support. It needs to be corrected to protect the stability of the NI և the integrity of the UK. ”

Sinn Fein chairman accuses Boris Johnson of using Northern Ireland as ‘pledge’ in EU talks | Political news

Source Sinn Fein chairman accuses Boris Johnson of using Northern Ireland as ‘pledge’ in EU talks | Political news

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