Single Michelle Young and the winner are “still happy engaged”, but friends feel that “romance won’t last long” after the finale.

The sun can reveal that bachelor Michelle Young and the winner of her season are still “happy engaged”, but her friends feel that “romance doesn’t last long.”

Following the emotional season, The man who stood at the end Will Knee down and pop the question Tonight’s explosive finale to a teacher at a Minnesota school.


Single Michelle Young is still “fortunately engaged in the winner of her season”-but a friend “I don’t think it will last long”Credits: Getty Images-Getty


Brandon Jones is one of Michelle’s last two suitorsCredit: ABC


Nayte Olukoya has also reached the final episode in which Michelle is expected to get engaged.Credit: ABC

Michelle, 28, and Her suitor One source said exclusively that she was “still happy with her”, her friends believed it was an “act”, and even her family “did not believe it would continue”. rice field.

Warning: Spoilers first!

“They have an undeniable connection, no one doubts it,” the insider said of her season’s winner. Nighte Orkoya..

“But it seems that they are in a certain honeymoon stage where they really can’t get out. Their relationship doesn’t really look like an adult relationship.

“They seem to be two teenagers running around thinking this is one, but his family is very worried.

“It’s not against Michelle. They think she’s great, but she doesn’t think Naite is ready for marriage.

“In addition, they think the whole reality show is ridiculous,” they added.

Insiders admitted that Michelle’s parents trusted her, but they claimed that her family was also “suspicious” and “expressed their own concerns.”

“Their intimate circles are trying to stay positive, but this won’t last after they finally wake up from this dream.

“Michelle is much more mature than Nighte, which has already caused some problems, but could cause much bigger problems in the future.

“They see a red flag that Michelle refuses to see, and she will never see it until they dissolve.”

Despite allegations of hardship, a single star tells everyone she’s “very happy.” Nighte, 27, and tonight’s After the Final Rose to portray that feeling.

“It looks great in the short run, but it’s something everyone is concerned about in the long run,” the sources conclude.

The most dramatic final ever?

Tonight’s finale will show Michelle choose from the last two men (Nate and fan favorites) Brandon Jones..

In a trailer of this season’s dramatic conclusions, Michelle confessed “I’m in love with two men” before the final rose ceremony.

The preview Showed Michelle when she locked her lips Her two finalists I made a shocking confession with narration.

I heard her say, “I’m in love with two men.”

Later, her finalist chimed, “A broken heart could be right there,” and “this is all happening now.”

Fans encouraged the previous drama, commenting, “I’m not ready to see these three grieving, but it’s part of the process. It’s great for Michelle, Naite, and Brandon.” ..

Another said, “I hope she is happy and in love. That’s all I want!”

The third commenter added: “The Moments of Truth !! I am very ready.”

Many fans commented “#TeamBrandon” or “#TeamNayte”, showing their loyalty.

Bachelor bomb

With unprecedented movement, ABC You have already selected your next bachelor’s degree -announcement Clayton Echard While he was still in Michelle’s season.

He was eliminated in the sixth rose ceremony of the season, which aired in November.

But the fans He accused the former NFL star of being “boring.” And other men of the season, especially furious Rodney Matthews, Was not given the opportunity.


Michelle and Naite have had a strong connection since receiving her first impression of the roses.Credit: Getty


Brandon Jones became a fan favorite early on and came in second in Michelle’s season.Credit: ABC


Front runner Joe Coleman concludes the last three, but was eliminated last weekCredit: Getty
Single Michelle Young shed tears after admitting that she was “in love with two men” at the Season Finale Teaser.

Single Michelle Young and the winner are “still happy engaged”, but friends feel that “romance won’t last long” after the finale.

Source link Single Michelle Young and the winner are “still happy engaged”, but friends feel that “romance won’t last long” after the finale.

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