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Simple tips to extend the life of your washing machine

It is difficult to imagine a house or apartment without a washing machine. We are all used to it and do not even notice such a powerful unit. But, as soon as our “neighbor” fails, we have a lot of problems.

To avoid such a fate for your washing machine, you need to follow a few tips. Regular washing with special products is required, but the correct washing mode is also important. It is worth paying special attention to a balanced load and the correct installation of your machine.

When you have a lot of bulky items, you need to evenly balance the items around the spinning drum. Similarly, if you have a lot of heavy items like towels, try moving the towels around the barrel in a way that distributes the weight evenly.

Always check the weight of the clothes you are loading. Too much weight will not allow the engine to start, and even if it starts to rotate, this leads to increased wear on the washing machine parts, such as the bearing.

Level the washing machine

Washers, regardless of brand, have a set of error codes. The display can give a service message in the form of a set of characters and stop the washing process. And in modern models there will not be enough manipulations with clothes and weight.

Sometimes redistributing the weight does not fix the error code, this may be because the washer itself is not level.

The washing machine must be placed on a level surface. If you have a leveling tool, use it to check the surface of the washing machine to make sure it shows it is level in all directions.

A leveling tool isn’t available in every home, so try using a glass of water or a measuring cup with lines to check if the water is level on top of the machine.

If you’re still unsure if your washer is level, try rocking it by hand a little – if it wobbles, then the spin cycle will most likely result in a DC code error.

Perhaps your surface is not perfectly flat, try moving the machine to a more level position. If that doesn’t work, evaluate if your space allows you to reposition the washing machine.

If you are unable to place the washing machine on a level surface, try adjusting the leveling pins on the washing machine itself. Locate the peg in the corner of the washing machine where your surface is the lowest (assuming it’s uneven) and turn the leg counterclockwise to raise it. If your leveling pegs are already set as high as possible, select another peg and turn it clockwise to lower it.

Your machine may be suffering from internal component failure if machine leveling adjustment does not resolve the error code.

There are more complex malfunctions, but you can find out about them in the service book or on the Internet by entering the brand of the unit – kenmore washer error codes.

Often you have to contact a service center or call a master, due to the impossibility of self-repairing the washing machine.

Modern washing machines are not only ready to save us from unpleasant and hard physical work, they are also able to conduct independent diagnostics and signal malfunctions. Although in most cases you can’t do without the help of an experienced craftsman who is able to provide professional assistance to a reasonable mechanism, but in some situations, you can help your washing machine on your own if you understand what it “asks”. The error code “smart” technology can issue using the LCD display (if any) or through the LEDs of the interface.

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