Simon Gregson says Collie’s cast is “very interesting.”

Coronation Street‘NS Simon Gregson His collie co-star says he finds what he’s doing “very interesting” I am a celebrity, And dubbed that they are likely to vote for him to participate in the show’s horrific trials.

Announced on Wednesday, November 24th Simon will be heading to the castle, People like Richard Madley Naughty boy, Frankie Bridge and Matty Lee have already endured the harsh winter conditions of Wales.

Prior to his celebrity debut on Thursday, November 25, Simon admitted that he had once vowed not to appear on the show.

Simon Gregson on Coronation Street is heading to the castle

He states: “I will never be a celebrity, but my wife and kids said,” Come to Si. So I said! It’s cool for kids to see Dad yelling like a little kid. That’s it! “

With this in mind, Simon said his collie co-stars found him “very interesting” to step into the castle right away.

“I’m excited. The rest of the cast’s friends will find it very interesting that I’m doing this show. Everyone at work I’m a big fan of celebrities,” he explains. bottom.

Simon reports that I'm starring in the latest season of celebrities
Simon best known for playing Steve Macdonald on ITV’s Coronation Street

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“They would want to know what I’m doing every night, what’s coming out of my mouth, what’s in my mouth! They want me to try! Don’t vote not to do it. They definitely want me to experience some pain. “

Simon believes that his family will also vote for him, so not only his fellow actors want him to endure the trial.

He states: “They will definitely vote for me. Not only do they love me, they also want to see me vomit after eating something they don’t like!”

MON UPLOAD Coronation Street star Beverley Callard
Simon’s on-screen mother, Beverly Colored, appeared on the show in 2020

Interview with Kateford
Simon is confident that his collie co-star will vote for me to do a celebrity trial

“How do I feel about the trial?” Simon continued. “Well, I wouldn’t want anyone in their right mind to try, but when you’re there, I think it might be better to get out of the camp.”

Simon said he told him what advice his wife and children had given him.

I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! It will continue to air on ITV and ITV hubs every night at 9pm.

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Simon Gregson says Collie's cast is "very interesting."

Source link Simon Gregson says Collie's cast is "very interesting."

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