Simon Gløggson says his teenage son Alfie thinks I’m a celebrity co-star Frankie Bridge

Coronation Street Star Simon Gløggson It may have been very popular in the castle this year I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! But his son also had another favorite player.

Star and his wife, Emma, ​​explained exclusively understood! Their eldest son, Alfie, 14, is in love with Simon’s co-star. Frankie Bridge, While Simon is at the show.

When asked if their son was a typical teenager growing up now, Emma explained: “He started to enter the girl. He would have been if Dad wasn’t in the castle. “She is healthy!”

Simon was curious to hear his son’s thoughts on fellow campmate Saturday star Frankie Bridge.

Simon is the father of his sons Alfie (14 years old), Harry (12 years old) and Henry (6 years old).

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Following Simon’s success at the show, the couple sat at 2574428 and saw him play the finals.

Collie’s legend ended in second place Emmerdale Danny Miller.

Recognized star understood! He didn’t expect him to be popular enough to make it until the final.

Simon explains: “”

Simon Gløggson reunites with his wife Emma and three sons
After Simon was in the camp, the couple opened their hearts to reuniting with each other

The star also said he was accustomed to seeing him play Steve McDonald on the cobblestones and wanted people to see “the real man.”

He explained: “People actually meet you only when you’re attending a game show or something.

“We’re big fans of Ant and Deck in this house, so it’s nice to be able to laugh with them. It’s great to see people really stupid and stupid!”

Simon's son fell in love with Frankie
Simon’s son fell in love with Frankie

And Emma said she was proud of all of them, saying, “Simon doesn’t really do social media, so I took over and read no bad comments the other day while he was there. Everyone loved him.

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Simon Gløggson says his teenage son Alfie thinks I'm a celebrity co-star Frankie Bridge

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