Simon Cowell was forced to postpone the release of his debut children’s book with his son Eric

He is a music and television mogul, has a huge fortune, and has as many strings in his bow as one can get.

So when Simon Cowell decided to add the profession of a child author to his epic CV, I could only stop and admire his workload.


Simon Cowell was forced to delay the release of his children’s book with his son Eric.Credit: Rex Features

But don’t expect one copy of his story in your Christmas stockings, as I have some bad news.

Insiders told me that books were on hold until the New Year after Simon’s schedule, making it impossible for the pandemic to launch them properly.

One source said: “Simon created the Wishfit brand and book with his son Eric. It was a truly passionate project for them. They loved to work together.

“He signed a deal with (publisher) Hachette last year and is due to release the first three books by the end of this year, with four more in the pipeline.

“But Simon’s busy schedule and the delay caused by the coronavirus made that impossible.

“The pandemic started to get very serious just before Simon published the book, and it slowed everything down and it became a nightmare to get it done.

“The Wishfits series is still in the works and should be on the shelves in 2022.

“It’s not ideal, but there’s nothing anyone can do.”

Last year, he revealed how Simon and Eric were teaming up on a seven-book project. Simon said at the time:

“Every night, we two came up with a very strange new animal, thinking of the most unlikely animal we would like to keep as a pet.”

If he needs any advice, it’s a great place to ask his television colleague David Warriors — being a best-selling child writer himself.

David earned over £ 100m from his series of books, which became a stage musical, a television movie, and even a ride at the Alton Towers.

Given that he and Simon often appear to have fallen into Britain’s Got Talent, it is doubtful whether Simon wants to ask him for hints.

Still, David is confident that he will remind himself of his own success when filming begins in the next series of the New Year.

With my own two kids, I want to get Simon’s book. I hope it happens early, not later.

Nick is too busy to get married

Next year, you’ll be more likely to hear the sound of power tools around the Nick Grimshaw than the wedding bells.

He ruled out getting married in 2022 in favor of cleaning up his house and garden.


Nick Grimshaw ruled out getting married in 2022 and tidied up his house and garden.Credit: Getty

I first talked about how former Radio 1 DJ was dating dancer Meshach Henry in 2018.

And while their relationship is getting stronger, there’s more he wants to do than walking down the aisle.

Asked if he would hitchhiking next year, Grimy said:

“Both of us are better off spending money to decorate our homes and complete our gardens. That’s right.”

Both make big trips in the New Year, but Grimy has taken a proper break for the first time in over 14 years since leaving Radio 1.

He told the table manners podcast:

“When I finished the radio in August, I thought this would be the only time I could take a month off from work, analyze what happened on Radio 1 and give me time to think about the future. It was 14 years.

“But I got to work until December, so now we’re doing it in January.”

Can you deliver a Qadi gift?

How do you show that you really care about your husband’s birthday?

Now, if you’re a Cardi B, you’ll be dressed to promote cleavage like this and give him a casual gift of a £ 1.5 million check.


Cardi B presented her husband Offset with a £ 1.5 million check on his birthday.Credit: BackGrid

Migos Rapper Offset celebrated turning 30 with a “sneaker ball” in Los Angeles on Tuesday and was thrown into the crowd with a £ 75,000 worth of dollar bills.

But when Cardy presented his huge £ 1.5m check on stage, he had more cash along the way.

While he wore a blue jacket and jeans, she tied herself in a lush corset knot with black leggings and a playboy bunny necklace.

Cardi, who will finally release his second studio album next year, gave birth to his second child, his son, in September as a follow-up to the 2018 Invasion of Privacy.

As a working mom, it’s no wonder she was ready to get her hair down, regardless of cost.

‘Play time

COLDPLAY dropped the bomb to stop making music in 2025.

In a special show with Joe Wylee on Radio 2 today, Chris Martin said:

“Maybe we’ll do some collaboration, but the Coldplay catalog ends up, so to speak.”

The group, whose album “Music of the Spheres” became No. 9 last month, suggests that they have only made three albums in the past, suggesting that they will be busy a few years from now. I am.


Lord has decided that her UK and Ireland tours will take place in May and June next year.

In an email magazine to fans, she wrote: “We can’t wait to bring you this amazing show we’re building at all these beautiful venues this year.”

Mudge Mash Look Magic

Whatever the secret of Madonna’s age-defying face, it certainly works.

She tried different outfits while she was bored at home, so I posted these snaps on Instagram.


Madonna tried different outfits while bored at home and posted her snaps on InstagramCredits: Madonna / Instagram


At the age of 63, Madonna looks younger than everCredits: Madonna / Instagram


Madonna captioned the photo: “If I’m going to get stuck in my house, I might have some cute fit!”Credits: Madonna / Instagram

But it was her face, not the costume, and I couldn’t get over it.

Madonna Now I look younger than ever – and at 63 she’s almost twice my age.

She writes:

Now dig into Quality Street and break open Baileys like everyone else, Mudge.

15 for Oscar songs

Oscar could resemble this year’s Grammy Awards, and there are plenty of A-list pop stars on the shortlist in the original song category.

The entries are narrowed down to a list of 15 songs led by Beyonce in the movie “King Richard” and to Guns Go Bang’s husband JAY-Z in Netflix’s “The Harder They Fall”.

Billie Eilish has no time to die from the Bond movie of the same name, and Kid Cudi I for their collaboration with Ariana Grande is also from their movie of the same name.

A smaller list of five nominations will be announced in February, when U2 wants to participate in Your Song Saved My Life in the animated film Sing 2.

The ultimate honor for an artist is to be an EGOT. In other words, he won an Emmy Award, a Grammy Award, an Oscar Award, and a Tony Award.

Anyone who wins in this category at the ceremony on March 27th is on their way.


Katy Perry’s stay in Las Vegas won’t be a mess after all, given her attending the stage in the singing toilet.

Katie will start the show within a week, but she has eyes made of toilet paper and shared online a large orange washroom snippet that appears beside her during the show.

OK, then. ..

Ed launches ’22 with new cab collaboration

ED SHEERAN has just released the album Equals, but in 2022 they will release more new music, including exciting collaborations. Camila Cabello..

He forgot to release the song with the Senorita singer. Previously, I worked with her on a South of the Border track for the 2019 Album No. 6 Collaboration Project.


Ed Sheeran has more new music in 2022, including an exciting collaboration with Camila CabelloCredit: Getty


Ed and Camilla previously collaborated on a South of the Border track for the 2019 album No. 6 collaboration project.Credit: Getty

Ed He appeared on Radio 1 yesterday and released the news when host Greg James was trying to guess who would appear in the next single, Joker and the Queen.

After Greg speculated on Cuban-born singer Camilla, Ed revealed:

The Bad Habits singer will spend a busy year, including three No. 1 singles, and will score his fourth score tomorrow at Sausage Rolls For Everyone, a collaboration between Ladbaby and Elton John.

But now he’s looking forward to getting back on the road for his huge 2022 tour.

Ed said: “I’m really excited to be in front of fans playing live music again. You released the album and it became No. 1 so people think they like it.

“But I really don’t know what songs people like or which they are connected to.

“I did a show the other day and started singing Overpass Graffiti, which was the loudest of the songs.

“I was like,’Oh, people really like this.'”

Simon Cowell, Ant & Dec and Ed Sheeran Surprise Young Fans at the Pride of Britain Awards

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Simon Cowell was forced to postpone the release of his debut children’s book with his son Eric

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