Simon Cowell and fiancé Lauren Silverman break silence in news and ride a bike

Simon Cowell He finally confirmed his engagement with his long-term girlfriend and his child’s mother, Lauren Silberman.

Rumors have been circulating for the past few days that music millionaires have asked questions. But without confirmation.

A happy couple was found when they approached them outside a coffee shop in Malibu and were asked if the news was true.

The 62-year-old grinned next to Lauren and answered the question with another person. “What do you think?”

The man behind the camera immediately congratulated Simon and said he was grateful for it.

Fortunately, the pair jumped on their bikes and ran away.

This is the next day Amanda Holden, a colleague of Simon’s Britain’s Got Talent, predicted that the engaged couple would eventually tie a knot in Barbados.

Simon confirmed the happy news

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It was reported that a secret proposal was also made here during a recent vacation.

At the breakfast show on Heart Radio, Amanda said: ‘.

“We couldn’t believe it, and I knew it was in today’s dissertation when we received the text last night, so I like” Oh, my goodness ” was. “

Simon is believed to have kneeled down in front of his seven-year-old son Eric., And Lauren’s other son Adam from her previous relationship.

Simon and Lauren share 7-year-old son Eric
Simon and Lauren share 7-year-old son Eric

Sources said Sun: “It was important for Simon that the children were there too, because he loves both the children and the family they have achieved.

“Lauren has been Simon’s rock for the last few years and has supported him when he broke his back, and generally through thick and thin things. They make a great couple.”

Lauren and Simon first met in 2004 when she was still married to Simon’s friend Andrew Silberman.

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman are reportedly engaged
Simon and Lauren have been together for 13 years

They have been together for 13 years now and first announced in 2013 that they are official.

Lauren then became pregnant with Simon’s first child, Eric, named after his deceased father.

In the past Simon admitted that he did not believe in marriage, but he seems to have made an exception for his new fiancée.

Stars have dated other people in similar industries in the past, such as Sinitta, TV host Teri Seymour, and make-up artist Medigan Hussiny, and Simon is still on good terms with Sinitta.

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Simon Cowell and fiancé Lauren Silverman break silence in news and ride a bike

Source link Simon Cowell and fiancé Lauren Silverman break silence in news and ride a bike

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