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Significant increase in police officers reportedly abusing their role for sexual purposes | UK News

The number of police officers reportedly abusing their role for sexual benefit has skyrocketed over the past year, following changes to strengthen the way they investigate the problem.

Two-thirds of the cases investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IOPC) between 2018 and 2021 have occurred in the past year.

IOPC Deputy Director Claire Bassett said it was evidence that allegations of sexual abuse were taken “very seriously.”

“These numbers went up because it became a mandatory referral, so people now have to report it to us,” she said.

“But it also hopes to reflect a growing awareness that we are looking at fellow officers, for example, reporting those they believe they may be doing. increase.”

From 2018 to 2021, 66 police officers and police officers faced disciplinary action on suspicion of “abuse of status for sexual purposes” or APSP.

Forty-two of them have occurred in the past year.

In 63 of the 66 cases, six people convicted of the crime proved to be illegal, and three of them were imprisoned.

The increase in the number of people under investigation occurs at a time when confidence in the police is severely undermined.

Wayne Kusens pretended to be on duty when he kidnapped 33-year-old Sarah Evalard.Before raping and killing her earlier this year.

He is currently sentenced to life imprisonment after admitting his crime.

Wayne Kusens raped and killed Sarah Eballard

Other cases suspected of serious sexual offenses by police officers are currently passing through the court system.

However, despite the increasing number of cases under investigation, Jessica [not her real name]Did not know that he had a one-year relationship with an undercover agent in the 90’s, but he is not sure.

“If they violate the law, there must definitely be a zero-tolerance policy,” she said.

“Too many police officers have done something wrong. It’s being washed under a kind of carpet. There’s a kind of policy for the” Old Boys Club. ” “

She added that too many police officers leave the police rather than taking the consequences of their actions.

“We need proper accountability to actually prevent the resignation of officers, rather than facing an illegal inquiry,” she said.

Of the 63 cases that proved illegal, 29 were dismissed and 10 resigned before the hearing.

Anna Birley of Reclaim This Streets, a campaign group that organized a rally at Clapham Common following Sarah’s murder, believes more needs to be done to identify those who pose the risk.

“If you’re only measuring the incidence of harassment and violence, you’re missing all the warning signs. Basically, this report from IOPC talks about sexual crimes where police officers abuse power, That’s the worst scenario, “she said. ..

“Before that point, the officer probably did something that made the woman uncomfortable. Wayne Kusen’s nickname was” Rape Criminal. ” “

A file photo of people in the crowd dated March 13, 2021 turns on a telephone torch when gathering at Clapham Common in London for a rally in Sarah Evalard. Former Metropolitan Police Department Wayne Kusens, 48, will appear in London's Old Bailey on the first day of a two-day trial after pleading guilty to Sarah Ebarad's kidnapping, rape, and murder. Date of issue: Wednesday, September 29, 2021.
Sara Everd’s vigilance at Clapham Common in March

Bassett said IOPC is already challenging “very inappropriate content on social media and network groups.”

“We see sexist or misogynistic words, homosexual jokes, etc.,” she said.

“We’ve seen some cops reporting fellow cops, and we want to see it even more.

“We want the tolerance for this kind of behavior to be zero. If we eradicate it and change the culture, I think it will have a total impact.”

APSP alleged cases currently account for nearly 60% of IOPC investigations.

However, the data does not provide a complete picture of all actions being taken, as the unit can also conduct its own investigations.

Significant increase in police officers reportedly abusing their role for sexual purposes | UK News

SourceSignificant increase in police officers reportedly abusing their role for sexual purposes | UK News

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