Show off an impressive Christmas decoration in the house of Peter Andre and his wife Emily

Peter Andre and his wife Emily MacDonagh have transformed their stunning Sally’s home in time for Christmas.

NHS doctors used Instagram’s grid to unveil a spectacular celebration in the living room, including a giant Christmas tree covered in lights.


Emily reveals a stunning Christmas tree in the living roomCredit: Instagram
Pete also unveiled a stunning banister display on Instagram


Pete also unveiled a stunning banister display on InstagramCredit: INSTAGRAM

Pete (48) and Emily (32) share the children of Amelia (7) and Theo (4), preparing a million-pound awesome Sally’s home for a big day. ..

The two mothers used social media to show off only two of the many decorations around the house, including fully decorated wood.

Giant Christmas fir covered with silver and gray boring things, lights and feathers can be seen proud next to the fireplace in the living room.

Next to it are rows of evergreens on a cozy fire, with decorations and lighting to connect the rooms.

Emily also shared to her 394k fans a snap of a toy on the family’s three elf shelves that had been taped to the kitchen window.

She captioned the congratulatory post: “It feels very Christmas !!!! I just wanted to share the excitement and positive atmosphere. 7 more nights!”

Elsewhere, Pete, also the father of a 14-year-old princess and a 16-year-old junior, showed off their stunning banister display up the stairs.

From the moment Andre entered, evergreen leaves were wrapped around wooden railings to give the family home a Christmas atmosphere.

Earlier this year Pete treated the fans to have access to all areas In his parents’ home, it reveals a stunning area of ​​Sally’s dwelling that has never been seen before.

The 48 year old star He and his wife Emily unveiled separate bathrooms, his 6- and 3-year-old children’s walk-in closets, a stunning cinema and playroom, and all five bedrooms in a spacious house.

Last year, Peter shared a video on his YouTube channel and told his fans:

Peter also proudly unveiled several celebrity memorabilia, including a Beatles disc to commemorate the sale of one million records.

Viewers also met several A-list stars by seeing Tito Jackson’s hats, signed photos of Bee Gees frontman Robin Gibb, and posters at the World Music Awards in the 90’s.

Wife of the stars Emily Even when she relaxes in her home cinema room, she has a large luxury navy sofa, a fireplace, and a huge projector screen for the family to enjoy a movie night together.

In the hallway, Peter took his fans to his kitchen with an open-plan dining room and living area after showing off a huge photomontage with a snap of his and Emily’s wedding day.

The singer explained that he rarely uses an elegantly-decorated dining space with elegant dark décor, a large mirrored table, and luxurious velvet chairs.

Millions of pounds home

The proud husband showed off Emily’s medical degree and practitioner’s certificate, as well as Andre’s family watch, which says “life goes on” in Greek.

After that, he moved to a “day room” with a large corner sofa.

The space faces the garden, and Peter allows him to spend most of the day in this room because it’s an open plan from the kitchen, so keep an eye on the little kids while cooking. You can make it shine.

But when 6-year-old Amelia and 3-year-old Theo aren’t in the dayroom, they can usually be found in the envy playroom. Decorated with stunning balloon arches, stuffed walls, and giant playmats.

Downstairs there is also a large gym with UV light and various weights and specialists, muscle building equipment, and two bathrooms where Peter holds some of his awards-including the Celebrity Papa of the Year. increase.

Taking the camera to the second floor of a three-story house, Pete provided fans with the unusual look of his and Emily’s master bedroom.

The large bed sits on top of a crushed velvet frame, and state-of-the-art technology allows the TV to be taken out of the bed stand at the push of a button.

The couple also have their own balcony and walk-in closet / dressing room, with a separate French balcony on the mezzanine floor that provides the perfect place to watch the sunrise.

Pete told fans that Theo’s old bedroom would become his own office and recording studio, with ringlights set when it appeared via the video link in a television interview.

Theo recently moved to the same room as her sister Amelia. Each bed was covered with a pile of teddy bears, initially on the wall above each bed.

There is a chest at the end of each bed, and there is also a illuminated tree decorated for Christmas.

Amelia and Theo have walk-in closets and private bathrooms.

Peter recently granted fans access to all areas of the family's home to see inside.


Peter recently granted fans access to all areas of the family’s home to see inside.Credit: YouTube
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Show off an impressive Christmas decoration in the house of Peter Andre and his wife Emily

Source link Show off an impressive Christmas decoration in the house of Peter Andre and his wife Emily

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