Should You Make the Switch to an MVHR System?

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) systems use air exchangers to reduce the strain on a home’s air conditioning or heating system. In short, they use inside air that has been cooled down or heated to treat air that is pulled from outside. These systems have grown in popularity over the last few years because of how energy-efficient they are, but they have many other benefits. They are still not perfect, however, and they do have some flaws you need to be aware of as they’re not for everyone or every home. Let’s take a look at whether going for an MVHR system would be a good choice for you.

MVHR Systems Save Money

If you are wondering whether MVHR systems can help you save money the answer is yes – a lot, actually. It has been found that installing an MVHR house ventilation system could save you anywhere from 25% to 50% on your energy bills per year. The amount of money you save will depend on how reliant you are on heating and air conditioning, but you can reasonably expect to save around 30% per year on energy. This is a lot of money, and it will eventually cover the costs of the system if you buy the right one and maintain it correctly.

They Require Maintenance and Can Be Costly

You should be ready for the price tag that comes with an MVHR system, however. You can expect to pay as much as                 £4,000 for a standard system for a two-bedroom home, so be prepared for that. You will also have to get the system cleaned and filters replaced regularly.

An MVHR System Will Improve Air Quality

If you’re worried about the quality of the air inside your house and you have an old ventilation system, then you could probably improve it by going for an MVHR system. It will suck out all those bad mould and mildew spores and push them out of the house. It will also reduce condensation and humidity which helps prevent mould and mildew from forming in the first place.

An MVHR system could also be great if you have pets as it will help get rid of some of the hair and dandruff residues they leave behind while reducing bad smells. They’re also great if there are people in your household suffering from pollen allergies as you won’t have to open windows as much and they’ll get rid of any pollen that still manages to get inside the house.

MVHR Systems Can’t Be Installed in all Homes

One thing you should know about MVHR systems is that they can’t be installed in all homes. This is a relatively new technology made with modern homes in mind. One of the main issues with old homes is that they aren’t as airtight as modern ones, and MVHR systems can only perform well if the house meets a certain air tightness threshold.

Another issue with older homes and MVHR systems is architecture. MVHR systems use complex ducting, and it might be hard to impossible to install in certain antique homes. So, if you want to install an MVHR system in an old farmhouse or a period home, then you might want to have an inspector come in first to see if that would be feasible.

MVHR systems have lots of things going for them, and if you are looking to upgrade your current system, they might be a great option for you. You still have to know some of their limits, however, and you need to make sure your house is a good candidate for this kind of system in the first place.

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