SHLOMO’S BEATBOX ADVENTURE FORKIDS Doncaster Cast October 16, 2021

Super-mega-awesome is a good mix of Shlomo’s music and stunning musicianship. Still, Shlomo doesn’t sing or play instruments on stage. All the crazy, epic, exhilarating music he produces, all the amazing sounds he creates, create joy and surprise everywhere he goes, and are made with built-in drums-Mother Kit. Nature gave him – and gave each of us: mouth. World record-breaking renowned beatboxer Shlomo captivated Glastonbury with his explosive percussive acrobatics. He has collaborated with Ed Sheeran, Rudimental, Lily Allen, Damon Albarn, Jarvis Cocker and more … he has starred in Blue Peter. And now he shares his masterclass beatbox adventure with children of all ages and accompanying adults across as many older age groups as they like.

As a young man, he started using traditional drum kits, but to his surprise, neither his neighbors nor his parents wanted to loosen him too often after the first session. Determined to find other ways to practice, develop and innovate percussive rhythms, tones, textures and tempos as much as possible, he began to explore the possibilities of mouth sounds. Since then he hasn’t stopped. After all, the permutations of amazing sound mix “n” matches are endless, and the exciting creative opportunities are endless.

Bright, friendly, uplifting, Shlomo beatbox adventure for kids It has a mission to turn audience members into superhero beatboxers (beginner level) who can bravely accomplish great things even if they think they can’t. The one-hour show combines a tremendous amount of entertainment with a fun, humorous, informative and inspiring audience. The relationship between Shlomo’s children and adults is warm, natural and sincere, and his buoyant, easy-going interactions allow him to easily control the fun process.

Looking back, you’ll learn how the beatbox first appeared in New York in the 1980s when the ghetto blaster’s battery went down and breakdance rappers wore loose trousers. But then some bright sparks came up with this palatable alternative, and it’s done! Oh, but how do you do it? Once expert Shlomo teaches some basics, everyone will immediately understand it and go (yes, it’s not completely Covid protected). He chooses three main sounds to represent the bass (kick) drum, hi-hat, and snare, and experiment with the plosive “p”, the toothed “t”, and the giant “k”. .. Once that was done, they tried to shape different rhythms and patterns and, in the process, found that, yes, at some point they needed to breathe! Inhaling without the appearance of inhaling is an important feature of the beatbox, so there are tips on how to do that and how to hold the microphone and magnify the sound significantly.

After a random, awkward, unmatched song title was thrown out by the audience, friendly Shlomo wearing a backward-looking baseball cap, ponytail, T-shirt, jeans, and manicure improvises a beatbox in a stunning style. Medley, in this case a challenging mix of jeans / Mr. Brightside and Snoop Dogg. Then, after a hearty beatbox contest between volunteers on stage, courageously obey each young man’s passion, such as the beatbox, and always act even if he’s nervous or afraid. There are sincere recommendations to encourage.

Schlomo’s talent and enthusiasm is that everyone, young and old, should go home and take the sound and rhythm of the beatbox seriously, and who knows the musical adventures that could guide them. You definitely need to stimulate!

Irene Kaiger Gray

Shlomo’s Beatbox Adventure for Kids Tour to Stroud, Bristol, Newberry, Excelter, London, Leeds, Banberry, Milton Keynes, Bracknell, Salford, Oxford, Birmingham, Brighton and Cambridge.

SHLOMO’S BEATBOX ADVENTURE FORKIDS Doncaster Cast October 16, 2021

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