Shirley White shouts restrictions at her aunt’s funeral at the same time as the 10th party

Shirley White She couldn’t help but shed tears when she talked about the Downing Street party that took place while other parts of the UK were ordered to be self-reliant.

Recently 41 years old Explained why she wasn’t wearing poppies on the screen, Appeared on ITV program Loose female On January 13, many expressed anger at the 10th party during the blockade, discussing the concept of “delayed sadness.”

Boris Johnson attended the work party on May 20, 2020, although the government took steps to block everyone, from funerals to weddings.

Shirley told fellow panelists, “There were a lot of unknowns at the time. I was scared because there were so many people in the country who were scared.

Shirley White was in tears when discussing the sadness of her family during a pandemic.

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“We wanted to do a little. We wanted to save the lives of those at risk, those in fundamental condition. Many of us were doing the right thing.

“As a result of obeying the rules and the family obeying the rules, there were loved ones you missed. We couldn’t hug each other and had to bury the family.

She continued to suffocate. “I had to sit in the crematorium while my aunt was buried, because I didn’t live in the same family as my brother, sister and father. I couldn’t hug each other. So we were all in a flood of tears, so we wrapped.

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“I was standing by the graveyard because a grave digger was burying the grave and my cousin was watching over with a flood of tears and couldn’t hug her because of the rules. I didn’t know what else to do. “

Shirley stopped crying and accepted the tissue and continued:

“It’s very weird. For me the waves are coming, so I’ll mention the late sadness. There are many of us who aren’t sad at all. And you’re in this situation. You just hugged your cousin. Should I hug her if all of us didn’t follow the rules? “

Shirley said she couldn’t hug her because her cousin buried her aunt.

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Shirley White shouts restrictions at her aunt's funeral at the same time as the 10th party

Source link Shirley White shouts restrictions at her aunt's funeral at the same time as the 10th party

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