Shauna Phillips “missed a lot” because she was worried about her body image.

Shauna Phillips We talked openly about her journey to body positivity and looked back on her misfortune when she became slim.

The Love island The star has long documented her journey to find body positivity and urged 1.5 million Instagram followers to “separate (their) happiness from (their) body image.” ..

Shauna (27 years old) A photo of the throwback she recently shared: “I broke my body in so many different ways. I always felt like a big girl, I was very self-conscious. I deserve something I didn’t think it was.

“Looking back, I wanted to hug the child because I was fine, but I missed my life because I was worried about myself.”

Shauna Phillips frankly talked about her journey to body positivity

The Love Island star said:
A 27-year-old woman said:

She goes on to say: “Ultimately, the kind of message I’m trying to convey is that we need to separate our happiness from our body image. It looks fine.”

Shauna went on to exercise “for the sake of spiritual benefit” and, when not exercising, named herself a “horrible person.”

Strictly speaking, the Real Full Monty Dancer further revealed a difficult relationship with body image while in Love Island and after sharing his series of photographs during his previous vacation.

Shauna shared some throwback snaps of her own
Shauna shared some throwback snaps of her own

Love Island star Shauna said she had "Children's BMI" When the photo was taken
Love Island star Shauna said she had a “kid’s BMI” when the photo was taken

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“When I met the therapists during the Love Island casting process, one question they asked me was,” How do you think you deal with trolls that mock your appearance and your body? ” And, to be completely honest, I knew it would happen inevitably, but I wasn’t the most worried, “Shona wrote.

“I can’t hurt me in words, not because I was so confident, but I’ve always been my own toughest critic. In fact, my answer to the therapist is,” Trolls online are me. There is nothing worse than what I already think about myself. “

She once continued to describe herself as her “greatest vandalism” and has since realized “how important it is to be her greatest fan”.

Shauna Phillips frankly opened her liposarcoma while sharing a photo of her reflection
Shauna encouraged people to become their “biggest fan”

“Now I’ve noticed that it doesn’t really make any difference no matter what size you are!” Continued Shauna.

“The real difference is how comfortable you feel. It’s about finding the time of your day just for you-make time to work on being the happiest you can. I know you respect yourself enough! Believe me, I know from experience that you can’t do it just by being “thin” … it loves who you are Learn to respect and make you shine inside out. “

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Shauna Phillips "missed a lot" because she was worried about her body image.

Source link Shauna Phillips "missed a lot" because she was worried about her body image.

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