Shaun Weiss, a Mighty Dax star who has landed in drug hell, becomes unrecognizable after becoming sober and getting new teeth.

Actor Shaun Weiss looks unrecognizable after being calm with methamphetamine and getting new teeth.

Mighty Dax stars celebrated a year of stimulants last January after years of fighting drug addiction.


His stimulant addiction turned to the worst in 2017Credit: Mega Agency


Child star played Greg Goldberg in Mighty DaxCredit: Alamy


Sean was also staring at Freaks and GeeksCredits: Getty Images

Sean, 43, struck a downward spiral when substance abuse reached a record high for the past few years, leading to a series of arrests.

The child star played Greg Goldberg in the 1992 Disney movie and played a recurring role in NBC’s Drama Di Freaks and Geeks.

In 2017, the addict was sentenced to 150 days in prison for minor theft, but was only 12 days in prison before being released.

He was arrested again only five days later for possessing methamphetamine in Burbank, California.

After serving for 90 days, Sean was detained for public drunkenness in August 2018, just one year later, and began checking in for rehab after the sentence.

Around that time, the former actor told Facebook that he felt his life had hit “under the bottom of the rock” and, without help, “life was in imminent danger.”

His last arrest was made when he was arrested in January 2020. Invades the house while methamphetamine is high..

According to Marysville police, Sean busts into a men’s garage in Van Nuys, California, and broke the windshield of his car at 7 am.


Sean broke into a stranger’s garage in January 2020Credits: Getty Images-Getty


Disney Channel Alum broke the windshield of a man’s carCredit: Alamy

“Employees noticed that the glass on the ground was shattered and observed that the passenger seat window of the vehicle was broken,” the report read.

This was the last straw for Disney Channel actors. Check-in to rehabilitation facility in March 2020..

Since the beginning of Covid’s pandemic, Sean has lived in a calm living facility in California.

Heavyweight stars are well supported by their best friend Drew Gallagher. Drew Gallagher has helped care for addicts who are suffering through their journey to drinking.


Fellow actor Drew Gallagher helped his friend recover


He started GoFundMe for Sean during rehab

Drew described the condition of his companion as follows: Man“There is no blameless Shaun Weiss here. He is definitely blaming many of the stupid things he is doing,” he said.

However, he clearly states:

“He’s sick, he’s mentally sick. He’s just sick and everyone gives up on him.”

Drew told TMZ that his buddy delayed last year’s Christmas celebration to allow him to open presents on his drinking anniversary.


The money raised helped the actor repair his teethCredits: GoFundMe / Drew Gallagher


He has made great strides since he was absorbed in drugs.

After going into serious rehabilitation, Drew GoFundMe Sean’s Campaign Raises Over $ 13,000 Repairs damage caused by stimulants to his teeth..

After the veneer surgery in August 2020, the celebrity shared a photo of his new smile. This is a dramatic change from imprisonment nine months ago.

Sean’s dentist, Dr. Gabe Rosenthal, reportedly Volunteer to help Sean The cost of the procedure is between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000, so you’ll pay for your new tooth.

“His smile definitely brought his feet to life. He was definitely doing well on his own, but he was kind of trampled without that smile,” the doctor shared after surgery.

“Now he’s starting to appear again.”

Shaun Weiss starring Goldberg in the goal of “The Mighty Ducks”

Shaun Weiss, a Mighty Dax star who has landed in drug hell, becomes unrecognizable after becoming sober and getting new teeth.

Source link Shaun Weiss, a Mighty Dax star who has landed in drug hell, becomes unrecognizable after becoming sober and getting new teeth.

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