Sharon Gaffka details the broken heart after the “whirlwind” romance: “I felt crushed.”

Sharon Gaffka After the “whirlwind” romance ended quite “suddenly”, I talked about her recent broken heart.

Only 26 years old After debuting her two-tone hair color, it was recently branded “unrealistic” by fans. Opened a relationship during an exclusive chat with understood!online After writing about that experience on her blog sword.

In her diary-like entry, Sharon states:

The reality star shared that she sobbed at Split and asked herself, “Why wasn’t I enough?” – She considered it normal and “always the first part of a broken heart.”

Sharon Gaffka left her “crushed” in a recent farewell

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Now, almost a month later, Sharon said understood! It was difficult, but she doesn’t regret the relationship.

“When I first met someone, it was like that whirlwind, then it got a little flat and a little sudden,” she explained.

She elaborated on their romance and continued: I regret this person getting out of my life because I can now put myself 100%. “

Sharon said he didn’t regret those who left his life or those who left

After appearing in Love Island in 2021, Sharon was offered cognitive-behavioral therapy as well as her co-star. She still uses it today when she feels it is necessary.

she said understood!: “I know what I want to do when I’m young. I can build long-term relationships in terms of friendships and romantic relationships, and I’ll be able to be a better version of myself. . “

Sharon also said she would talk to her therapist about her Campaign for soaring victimsBecause reading the 1,500 testimonies collected can be “difficult for one person”.

Sharon said he was still being treated after Love Island

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“It’s great to be able to talk secretly about it. If it doesn’t affect me a bit, I’ll lie,” she shared.

The TV personality talked about her campaign in an interview with Good Morning Britain this week.

Sharon said he would be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison if someone was caught spiked in his drink, hoping that a less aggressive and more responsive law would be enacted. He said it wasn’t enough.

Sharon is campaigning for Spike’s victims

“When it comes to PHSE education, we are taught about Class A and why we shouldn’t take them, not the effects of spikes, sexual assault or consent,” she shared.

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Sharon Gaffka details the broken heart after the "whirlwind" romance: "I felt crushed."

Source link Sharon Gaffka details the broken heart after the "whirlwind" romance: "I felt crushed."

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