Shane Magawan, 63, appears publicly for the first time since a broken knee

Shane Magawan delighted his fans by appearing in public for the first time since he recovered from a serious knee injury on Tuesday night.

The iconic Pogues singer was joined by long-term partner Victoria Mary Clark before the Basque rehearsal to support the Simon community. Northern IrelandA major homeless charity in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin.

Taken to Instagram, Clark, 55, was wheelchair-bound Shane (55) with musicians Kane Oroke, Johnny Kronin, and Michael Kronin after attending an event with U2’s legendary Bono. 63) shared a rare photo.

Rare Appearance: Shane Magawan delighted his fans with his first public appearance on Tuesday night since he recovered from a serious knee injury.

With a caption on the image, she writes:

‘He did a gig at @ orourkekane @ croninjohnny and @ miccronin @ croninmusic in support of the @simoncommunity of St. Patrick’s Cathedral organized by the incredible @glenhansard @ thegingerman222 to be nominated for saints!

“It was great to see great musicians wearing boots, such as @theframesofficialBonoLiam O Maonlai Peadar O Riada, @ lisaoneillmusic and @ slinacroi.

Simon Community Basque is an Irish musician, Glen Hansard, with the aim of raising funds for a Northern Ireland charity that provides professional support services such as homelessness prevention, accommodation, health, welfare and hands-on development. Organized by.

Mansard bands The Frames, Bono, PeadarÓ Riada, LiamÓ MaonlaÍ and Lisa O’Neill also joined on Tuesday night.

Devoted: McGowan’s partner recently shared a guilty feeling with the Pogues frontman that he was “not doing enough” after a knee injury.

“Acceptance”: A journalist who was on Shane’s side for 34 years went to Instagram to explain how she struggled to “can’t heal him.”

Frail: MacGowan played with a wand to commemorate the 10th anniversary of The Hoping Foundation’s fundraising event for Palestinian refugee children in 2016.

Journalist Clark has been on Shane’s side for 34 years, supporting him through his famous drinking and drug fights, but after being helped to help him after a knee injury, she feels guilty. I admit that I was suffering from.

To Instagram followers in March, she wrote:

“Sometimes his needs cause me resentment and anger, and then I feel guilty about not being high-vibration, but full of love, light, joy and positivity.”

Fall: MacGowan has been physically suffering from years of heavy drinking and often played on drunken stages.

She continued:’Do I think many people can feel this way? Overwhelmed by the needs of those we love, we cannot find our own joy, brilliance and energy.

“The angels are now inviting us to be more considerate of ourselves and to accept our feelings more.”

MacGowan has been suffering from drinking for years and was often drunk and playing on stage.

He restored his teeth in 2015 after losing his last original tooth in 2009.

Legend: Magawan on stage with Nick Cave at the height of his career at The Pogues

He started drinking at the age of five when his family gave him Guinness to help him sleep, and his father frequently sent him to local pubs while he was drinking with his friends. I took him.

Clark announced in 2016 that Shane was calm “for the first time in a few years” and that his drinking problem was “singing at bars and clubs where people go out and enjoy” for years. I explained that it is caused by.

She argued that Shane’s spiral to alcoholism was caused by the introduction of hard drugs such as heroin.

According to Clark, the singer calmed down after being hospitalized while suffering from pneumonia and hip injuries, and Shane continued his drinking journey after returning home.

The couple’s best friend, Johnny Depp, has produced the movie “Clock of Gold,” which looks back on the turbulent life of musicians. Ever since I was a kid in Ireland, I had a big dream of pursuing a musical career. London When he was 13 before he became an icon.

In his long career, he is probably best known for his 1987 Christmas single, a New York fairy tale in collaboration with the late Kirsty MacColl.

Shane Magawan, 63, appears publicly for the first time since a broken knee

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