Sex finally returned to the card in May when the blockade was lifted

“Most social contact rules” will be lifted on May 17th (Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto)

Sex It is possible that some people who do not live together will eventually return to the card by mid-May-if Boris JohnsonThe roadmap from the blockade is proceeding as planned.

Many people in the UK remain hungry for sex during a pandemic, as government regulations prohibit mixing households with a few limited exceptions.

But as the minister lifts “most social contact rules,” all this could change on May 17.

Government plans eliminate the need for people to follow six rules when gathering outdoors.

Indoor mixing is allowed, but 6 or 2 household restrictions apply.

Travel within the UK may also be permitted from 17 May, but up to 30 people are allowed for weddings, funerals, wakes, receptions and baptismal ceremonies.

However, many British people have June 21 as a date to remember on their calendars, as they want all legal restrictions on social contact to end.

Johnson said on Monday: “Today, the end is really visible. The miserable year will soon turn into spring and summer, which is very different from today.

Breaking away from the blockade mentioned by Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The announcement came after Tories leaders vowed to provide the Covid vaccine to all adults in the UK by the end of July.

Adults over the age of 50, and adults with underlying health that put them at higher risk, will be vaccinated by April 15 under the new goal.

A new study in Scotland suggests that a single dose of Oxford vaccine can reduce hospitalization by up to 94% four weeks after being jabed.

According to the first study of the national efficacy of vaccines in the community, Pfizer vaccines also significantly reduce the risk of hospitalization after the same period by up to 85%.

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Boris Johnson Roadmap from Blockade

Boris Johnson has announced plans to lift Covid-19 restrictions in England following the weekly blockade that began on January 4.

The Prime Minister confirmed that the route to return to normal relies on four tests to ease the restrictions and takes into account the successful deployment of the vaccine.

Sex finally returned to the card in May when the blockade was lifted

Source link Sex finally returned to the card in May when the blockade was lifted

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