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There was Carrie Bradshaw and arguably the most enviable wardrobe of television * before Instagram influencers and targeted social media ads affected the movements of all our tailors.

Sex and the City To varying degrees, there were about four women (though it was quite) who showed that happiness did not have to mean finding the end of a romantic comedy with men. No, happiness was about good friends, good sex, and good gossip-and most importantly, good clothes too.

Indeed, escapist fashion was a big part of the fun for the original fans, who had two films in 2008 and 2010 from 1998 to 2004.Carrie Bradshaw (acting) Sarah Jessica Parker) Sports shorts and heels, men’s ties and couture dresses, and even belts, strangely, can work with her bare waist.

Sex and the City stars Cynthia Nixon, Parker and Kristin Davis are back and just like that … Photo: Sky UK / Warner Bros. / HBO
Follow-up of Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City as Carry in and Just the City. Photo: Sky UK / Warner Bros./HBO

Of course, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) were all well dressed, but it was Carrie who established herself as a fashion icon. Because of those opening credits, we couldn’t pull it off.

When Sex and the City debuted in 1998, the heel was thought to be empowering. But how does the show’s catwalk qualification reach younger audiences after decades of fast-forwarding as social attitudes towards fashion and feminism change?

The Sex and the City women are back (well, most of them-Samantha now “lives in London” because Cattrall didn’t want to join) And like that …, The Sky Comedy series billed as a new chapter in their story. It’s been more than 10 years since I last saw it, as expectations for the series are rising, but there’s nothing I can do about it … Carrie’s fans can’t wait to find out. Miranda’s career? How did you live as Charlotte’s parents?

Perhaps, but in reality, it’s all about style. The photos I took secretly when I found a woman shooting outdoors were immediately found online. Before the series aired, the costume-only Instagram account had about 113,000 followers.

Details of Sarah Jessica Parker

Fashion in the 90’s is all the rage right now, and now is the perfect time to make a comeback. But is And Just Like That … set to redefine the wardrobe?

Sex and the City’s renowned costume designer Patricia Field hasn’t been involved in the revival-leaving a big Jimmy Choo to fill the incumbent Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago.

“Fashion was very important to these girls and for the viewers to see,” Santiago tells Sky News. “It’s another character of the show, really, fashion, what girls wear. People are always very interested … what does Carrie wear to come out of the door?”

Both Rogers and Santiago have a history of shows. Rogers worked with Field on sex and the city and movies, and Santiago also worked on movies. So they feel less pressure on the fashion heritage and say Field has given them her blessings.

And Just Like That Behind the scenes in the wardrobe.Photo: Molly Rogers
And Just Like That … Behind the scenes in the wardrobe.Photo: Molly Rogers
From Gucci to Jimmy Choo: And Just Like That Shoes for Stars.Photo: Molly Rogers
From Gucci to Jimmy Choo: Star-Available Shoes

Given that the number of prominent women who continue to work well over 40 or 50 in movies, television and fashion can be counted with their fingers, the most asked question for Rogers and Santiago is the style of the character. How it evolved. Aged.

Ageism is an issue Parker is already working on and is on the cover of US Vogue in December to promote the new series. Rogers and Santiago also reject the proposal to make a slight difference in age.

“Girls have a very unique style and are known for this style,” says Santiago. “With Sarah Jessica, she was always very creative. She is a lot of whimsy in her personality and a lot of whimsy in how she puts her clothes together. She is in her style and I’m very confident in what she’s wearing. One day I can wear an evening dress and the next day I can wear jeans and sweatshirts … with a gorgeous pair of heels. And who is she? It’s part of what she’s always been, and it’s part of the person she’s always been.

“Everyone is old. Of course, styles may change and they may be more attracted than they were 20 years ago. But [Carrie] Still she is herself and loves to try fashion … so age doesn’t matter. It is important to stay true to yourself. “

“I don’t think you should assign a number to anything in your life, you should have fun, with no restrictions or rules,” Rogers adds.

And just like that ... coming to the sky
And Just Like That stylist states that the female style of Sex And The City is loyal to the character. Photo: Sky UK / Warner Bros./HBO
Kristin Davis as Charlotte, and so "New chapter" Of sex and the city. Photo: Sky UK / Warner Bros./HBO

Fashion’s disastrous record of its environmental impact at this time was another issue to be addressed in the 2021 reboot. But costume designers point out that Sex And The City is always more than fast fashion.

“Sure, the fashion world can do much more overall,” Rogers says. “I think recycling and upcycling, vintage and reuse really help and reduce your consumerism. You can see that reflected in the show.”

“That’s what the brand has always done,” says Santiago. “Reused … vintage pieces were especially loved by Carrie, and we’ve been doing the same. That’s what we’ve always been and believed.”

One of the best things about tackling revival was access to Parker’s archive collection from the original series and movies-and the pair was studded with some nostalgic tailoring surprises throughout the episode. Is called.

Parker “has great eyes,” says Santiago. “And she will try anything.”

Regarding the star’s Sex and the City wardrobe, he said:See what’s there and what you can use and put things in a very specific place [in the new series]..

“I think the fact that there are special little things that people have loved for many years and they were still able to get those works makes people excited to see it again. They are old friends. It seems. “

* I said TV. Clueless Cher’s computer-programmed wardrobe, including the movie, may just border it. I’m sorry, carry.

And just like that … Sky Comedy and now airing from December 9th

Sex and the City Fashion: And That’s It … Sarah Jessica Parker’s Styling Costume Designer Agains For The Revival Series | Ent & Arts News

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