Seven Front Bar’Just Glory Beer Ad’Advertisement Watchdog Responds

The Channel Seven AFL Showfront Bar was investigated by promoting the Watchdog claiming that the program was just a glorious beer ad.

Channel Seven’s popularity AFL As a result of an investigation by the TV advertising Watchdog, the fraudulent activity in the front bar has been resolved.

The Ad Standards Community Panel investigated programs hosted by Mick Molloy, Sam Pang, Andy Maher, and Andy Lee after viewers complained about the episode aired on Thursday, June 3.

Viewers alleged that the broadcast violated the Australian National Advertiser Association’s Code of Ethics because it did not disclose that the show was held in partnership with a beer company.

No Violations: A TV ad watchdog investigation has resolved Seven’s The Front Bar’s fraud.Photo (LR): Andy Maher, Mick Molloy, Sam Pan

As reported by Herald Sun, The petitioner wrote: While talking about soccer and drinking beer. My grandson is watching this show.

“I can see the pure and simple things they advertise for beer. I’ve been watching TV for years to find out.

The show’s sponsor, Carlton & United Breweries, responded to the complaint by stating that the front bar ads were “clearly distinguishable.”

“The CUB has submitted to a reasonable audience in honor that the program is sponsored by the Carlton Draft, and the Carlton Draft ads are clearly and clearly distinguishable,” the brewer said.

Carlton has been a front bar brand partner since 2015.

The set includes the Carlton brand, and the host “must mention Carlton Draft sponsorship at least three times per episode” as part of a commercial transaction.

The Ad Standards Community Panel dismissed the complaint and stated in its ruling: ‘The panel considers the regular viewers of the program to be familiar with the sponsorship aspects of the program, and in addition, first-time or irregular viewers will see this as a sponsored program with clear product placement and reference.


Seven Front Bar’Just Glory Beer Ad’Advertisement Watchdog Responds

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