Seth Rogen was accused of “privileged” response after shrugging a crime in Los Angeles

Actor Seth Rogen has been accused of his “privileged” comments after shrugging Los Angeles YouTuber Casey Neistat tweeted about robbing his car, crime As part of “living in a big city”.

40-year-old Neistat, who was a well-known YouTuber in New York before moving to the west coast, twitter He told his followers on Wednesday that “our car was stolen” and accused the city of being a “criminal hole in a third world city.”

This caught the attention of Logan, 39, who responded to the tweet as follows: You are nut haha. This is nice. Don’t leave anything valuable. It is called living in a big city.

Neistat later reported that the decorations for his 7-year-old daughter’s birthday party had been stolen from his car and the predators left “bloody bills” on his car. The cause of the bleeding of the predator is unknown.

Rogen called Neistat “nuts” before saying “nice” at a live concert in LA, despite rising crime rates and the recent looting of luxury stores across the region.

The YouTube personality called LA “the entire crime-filled Third World city.” This was incompatible with Rogen, who has lived in the city for over 20 years.

Actor Seth Rogen, 39, found slack on Twitter after dismissing YouTuber Casey Neistat, who had been robbed of his car.

The pair had a long exchange on Twitter

Estimated to be worth $ 16 million, according to wealthy gorillas, YouTuber jokes about “may still be angry” before feeling “violating” and is a neighbor actor. Asked.

Rogen replied: “You may be angry, but I don’t think I personally see my car as an extension of myself. A man accidentally put a cool knife in my car. I’ve had it, and if it continues, I might get a little hospitality.

According to, the funny guy, worth an estimated $ 80 million, caught slack not only from the influencer himself, but also from his fans for his “privileged” comments.

Neistat called the actor and said, “I didn’t get a snack.”

Twitter user Cathy Young writes:

Another Twitter user wrote:

Others encouraged the actor to “cancel” while others pointed out his immense wealth.

Rogen (pictured at the Vulture Festival earlier this month) also admitted that his car had broken at least 15 times since he lived in the city and told Neistat to “leave nothing valuable.”

Dylan Hausmann, a daily caller reporter, called for Rogen’s wealth:

Writer Catherine Brodski also called for Rogen’s insensitive comments, writing:

Some call this a “bad idea” because crime, especially assault and robbery, is on the rise across major cities.

Someone wrote, “Bad take.” “Called to live in a big city” should not be used to dismiss the increase in crime. ”

Not all of them seem to oppose Rogen’s “privileged” comments.

User Kristen McPike said how she “stolen her car in Hollywood” and “sometimes you have to roll with it.”

“My car was stolen in Hollywood. They found it in Inglewood a few days later,” she writes. “Someone took it to gladly ride a Rams game. LA is always one big adventure. Sometimes you have to roll on it.

As the star wrote on Wednesday, he didn’t hate him much:’Many people came to me, hoping that I would get involved with them publicly and pay attention to them, s on Twitter. I speak ** T, but instead I DM them and tell them to f ** k myself personally. It’s more fun. ”

However, Neistat did not slide to reveal that Rogen had been robbed more than 15 times, and asked: How did you break the car 15 times? “

Rogen replied: “I lived in West Hollywood for 20 years and parked on the street.”

Rogen received a lot of hatred for his “privileged” comments, and many called for his immense wealth.The actor is worth an estimated $ 80 million

Since the start of 2021, more than 10,000 robbers have occurred in Los Angeles, increasing car theft by almost 10%. LAPD Secretary Michel Moore said the increase in robbery was due to the availability of pistols.

“The number of pistols on the street today-you’ll probably need to go back at least 10 years to find this level,” Moore said.

There are also exacerbations of murder, rape and assault in Los Angeles.

Other cities like Newyork and Chicago are also experiencing an increase in violent crime.

On Wednesday, the looting gang targeted LA Nordstrom before Thanksgiving, departed with eight luxury handbags and attacked police officers-the latest in a series of smash and grab blades that plague California.

Just before 7 pm on Wednesday, five people in orange wigs entered the open store at Canoga Park and sprayed guards with “some chemicals” in front of horrifying shoppers, police said.

In response to the assault, the thief rushed away with thousands of dollars of handbags, despite multiple police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances.

This was the eighth robbery case in California last week, when a thief gave up tens of thousands of dollars in luxury under the Democratic-run state’s misdemeanor law.

In July, LA cut $ 150 million from LAPD’s budget after George Floyd’s death.The city poured the money into social welfare Los Angeles Times report.

In August, LAPD reported that 300 positions were opened and about 500 fewer executives were in service than the previous year. Los Angeles Daily News report. According to Moore, police are still aiming for 94 positions.

But as of Wednesday, the LAPD received a $ 213 million increase in next year’s budget, which would probably raise staff levels, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Seth Rogen was accused of “privileged” response after shrugging a crime in Los Angeles

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