Selling Sunset fans blame Chrischel Stows for still talking about former Justin Hartley in Season 4, two years after the divorce.

Fans accused Chrischel Stows of continuing to talk about her ex-husband Justin Hartley after the Season 4 premiere of Selling Sunset.

After the new season fell on Wednesday, fans of the show commented on social media.


Fans had enough Chris Shell after the star repeatedly mentioned her ex in the new seasonCredit: Netflix


Justin filed for divorce from Chris Shell, who played in the last season of the seriesCredit: Getty

The reality star and This Is Us actor split up two years ago, but he still seems to be the talk of the series.

While talking to co-stars Heather Rae Young and Mary Fitzgerald, Chris Shell became open about seeing her ex-marriage.

Justin tied a knot with actress Sophia Pernas in May 2021 after the divorce was confirmed in February 2021.

“I was in the best place in my career like never before. I feel really empowered to be a better version of myself than ever before,” Chrishell said. She revealed that she finally felt away from her. Co-starring with the previous Days of Our Lives.

“And I feel like I’ve found my voice. I’m not angry because I realized it wasn’t what I wanted.”

“That is, if he wants to have 50 wives, I really feel like myself, so live your best life ….” she continued.

“If you find out that something was wrong, whether it was your decision or not, you are now where you should be.”

In a confession interview, the realtor told the camera: “My ex-husband, Justin, is remarried quite often with someone he has known for a long time.

“And after finding it, a lot of things make sense. I hope they are the best. I know you, it really is, if anything, it. It was nice to know, it felt a bit like a closure, “she added.

That wasn’t the only Netflix star to mention her in the new season.

Chris Shell brought back her past love in another episode after sharing what she wanted to move to the valley.

“When I was talking about the wonders of the valley, I meant that,” she said. hill. “

Not supported

The TV star also looked back on the lack of support she received from her fellow Selling Sunset Star and looked back on the unexpected division.

“Kicking someone when they’re down is something you really shouldn’t do. Obviously it was a pain at the time,” said co-star Davina at Christine Quinn’s wedding. Potrats asked her at the season 3 finale.

“It’s been a lot of time. I don’t really have a grudge, but I’m making people accountable. I think there’s a difference.”

She later talked about her interaction with the girl:

Later in the season, Chris Shell described the “rumors” that he was spreading about divorce about the beef he had with Christine.

“Christine started these rumors about why I was really divorced,” she said. “Rumors that I was sleeping with these people. That doesn’t seem to be true. I was in crazy love with my husband. I was devastated.”

In the final episode, Chris Shell tried to understand his type and discussed what he wanted from his partner. “I’m not going to date an actor,” Chris Shell told Heather.

“I’m in a place where I know something can happen, and sometimes it may come from an unexpected place.”

Many are happy with the star’s progress, but some Twitter users are quite happy with her mention of the past.

One tweeted: “Why is this girl still referring to her ex-husband #SellingSunset?”

Another viewer agreed to write:


After a short romance with Dancing with the Stars pro Keo Motsepe, Chris Shell finally found happiness with broker and co-star Jason Oppenheimer, 44.

The actress revealed their news Newly discovered relationships In an Instagram post of a pair taking a vacation on Capri, Italy with her co-star.

Immediately after that, her ex-Justin Instagram While at the restaurant, I shared a photo of my wife Sophia smiling at the camera, followed by a selfie of the couple.

The actor also shared another solo shot of the 32-year-old enjoying oysters, and the post ended with Justin posing for a selfie with a dinosaur skeleton.

Along with the photo, Justin writes: This wonderful woman makes me laugh out loud every day. This is to defeat oysters all over the world! I love you very much! “

Justin and Chris Shell, 40, tied a knot in 2017, but filed for divorce in November 2019.

Blind side

Fans of Selling Sunset saw Chris Shell’s divorce to Justin unfold. This was the main story of this past season.

Chris Shell claimed that she was blinded by her husband’s declaration and shed tears to her co-star Mary Fitzgerald during the shoot.

She told Mary: “I’m a little shocked by it all.”

“Did he just blind you?” She asked.

After nodding, Chris Shell said:

“I love him very much. This was my best friend. Who are you talking to now?”


Chris Shell then moved with broker Jason OppenheimerCredit: Instagram


Justin tied a knot with actress Sophia Pernas in May 2021Credits: Social Media-See Source


Season 4 of Selling Sunset was dropped on Netflix on Wednesday
Chrishell Stause celebrates New Year with Keo Motsepe

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Selling Sunset fans blame Chrischel Stows for still talking about former Justin Hartley in Season 4, two years after the divorce.

Source link Selling Sunset fans blame Chrischel Stows for still talking about former Justin Hartley in Season 4, two years after the divorce.

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