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Security concerns force closure of famous museum և tourist hotspot | Great Britain |: news

Crich Tramway Village, the Tram Museum, said it would be closed until at least Friday, when safety concerns were raised. The representative of the attraction said. “We are very sorry, but we are closed at least until Friday, May 20, due to security issues outside our warehouses, which means that we can not take out our trams or allow visitors to cross this area. . Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time. “

An advertiser who wished to remain anonymous contacted Derbyshire Live և claimed that the tram village was aware of security issues in advance. They insisted. “Someone told them that the infrastructure needs a lot of attention.

“They made some concessions because they said that cars would run slower in that part of the tram, cars would pass less openly, because the top cable could fall. “Someone on the tram knew; the report leaked to the railway regulator; they came to the polling station and condemned their site, so it is closed.”

However, Dr. Mike Galler, general manager of Crich Tramway Village, rejected the idea, saying that the Crich Tramway Village was closed voluntarily. He said. “We take the security of the museum seriously, we have many systems to detect, track and solve security problems.

Infrastructure, as we call it, is constructed from a track that is professionally called a ‘permanent road’, overhead line և direct current switching equipment և serviced every winter during our closed period և more often on demand և 2021- The winter of 2022 was no different, hundreds of man-hours were spent on the air line alone.

“This year, realizing that there are some areas in which we need external professional support, we signed a contract with a foreign, accredited company to conduct a professional assessment. this should be the report mentioned. A number of issues have been identified that need to be addressed in that report between 2022 and beyond, but we have been signed to work.

“The company involved has been on the ground several times to assess, plan investments, develop a timetable to address issues in the coming weeks and months. This report was obviously discussed during the scheduled visit of our Railway and Road Authority (ORR) to our regulator.

“We owe it to ourselves to address the issues that have been identified by the ORR as urgent. We do not agree with them. We did not have to close, but the areas of concern are in areas that are sensitive և have high customer access, so for simplicity we have chosen to temporarily close the entire site while we focus on solving potential issues. ”

Security concerns force closure of famous museum և tourist hotspot | Great Britain |: news

Source Security concerns force closure of famous museum և tourist hotspot | Great Britain |: news

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