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Secretary of Transportation Establishes Passenger Protections Under New Aviation Charter

  • Transport Secretary Announces New Air Passenger Charter to Help Passengers Navigate Their Protection and Rights While Flying.
  • It follows last month’s release of the government’s 22-point plan to minimize disruption at airports.

The government published today (17.07.2022) a new Charter of Aviation Passengerswhich has been developed in collaboration between government, industry, consumer and disability groups, outlining what passengers can expect if they face flight delays and cancellations this summer.

The ordinance was created to give commuters the confidence they deserve on their summer holidays and follows last month’s publication. the government’s 22-point plan to help the industry minimize disruption at airports and ensure holidaymakers and travelers can enjoy the breaks they deserve.

The new Air Passenger Charter will act as a one-stop shop for passengers to know their rights for the entire journey, from booking, traveling to and from the airport, on-board and back to the UK.

It outlines what air passengers can reasonably expect from airlines, travel agents, tour operators and airports, and what to do if things go wrong. This includes advice on what to do if flights are canceled or delayed, or if luggage goes missing, as well as guidance on how to complain if passengers feel they have been treated unfairly.

The charter will be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains as useful as possible for passengers, both during and beyond the busy summer period.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said.

Passengers deserve reliable services and proper compensation if things don’t go according to plan, and the chaotic scenes we’ve seen at airports the scenes we’ve seen at airports are unacceptable.

“The new charter will help give UK passengers peace of mind as they enjoy the renewed freedom to travel, whether for holiday, business or to visit loved ones.

Our passenger charter is based on our 22-point plan to support the industry in supporting holidaymakers and minimizing disruption this summer.

Passengers with disabilities and people with mobility issues must receive the best possible service and be treated with respect and dignity so that aviation is accessible to everyone who wants to fly. The statute will ensure that disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility have immediate access to information about their rights and what to do if things go wrong.

The Government will soon announce its response to its consumer policy reform consultation, which will outline how, together with industry and the aviation regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority, it will deliver real change for everyday air passengers.

Richard Moriarty, CEO of the UK Civil Aviation Authority, said:

It is important that we at the Civil Aviation Authority and the wider industry continue to work together in the interests of consumers.

Part of that is how we improve the information they receive and making sure it’s clear and concise to help support and improve their overall travel experience.

Earlier this month, the government announced that mandatory national security aviation inspections are being completed in record timesupporting the industry as it works to fill vacancies quickly amid increased demand for flights this summer.

97% of accreditation checks are completed in about 5 days on average, with aviation counter-terrorism checks (CTC) processed in an average of 10 days. This is a reduction compared to the 20-day average turnaround for CTC inspections in March, prior to the introduction of priority measures for aviation applications.

Goa last month has announced a one-time deal regarding airport allocation rules, enabling airlines to plan ahead and avoid last-minute cancellations. This has been provided as an exceptional measure while the industry makes progress in recruiting the required staff.

Events are part of the government’s 22-point plan to help ensure commuters don’t face disruption over the summer as it urged the industry to do everything in its power to ensure problems over Easter and half term do not recur.

It sets out all the measures the government is taking to support the aviation industry, including helping to recruit and train staff, ensuring realistic summer timetables, minimizing disruption and supporting passengers when delays and cancellations are unavoidable.

Secretary of Transportation Establishes Passenger Protections Under New Aviation Charter

SourceSecretary of Transportation Establishes Passenger Protections Under New Aviation Charter

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