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Secretary of State directs Northern Ireland’s Ministry of Health to make abortion services available

  • The UK Government will instruct NI Executive to make abortion services available in Northern Ireland by March 31, 2022.

  • Ministry of Health requirements to provide immediate funding for provisional services for early abortion at risk of collapse

  • The Secretary of State has expressed a legal and moral obligation to empower women and girls in Northern Ireland to access quality and compassionate medical care.

Northern Ireland’s Secretary of State Brandon Lewis has instructed Northern Ireland’s Ministry of Health, Minister of Health, Health and Social Welfare Commission, and First Deputy Prime Minister today (Thursday, July 22). And by March 31, 2022, we will make abortion services available in Northern Ireland as soon as possible.

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs also directed that the Ministry of Health should provide immediate financial assistance for the provisional provision of early medical abortion at risk of collapse.

The direction is Written ministerial statement Following Parliament and a statement by the Secretary of Northern Ireland march This year, when he submitted abortion (Northern Ireland) Rule 2021 to Parliament.

Under these rules, the Secretary of State of Northern Ireland will provide suspension services to relevant Northern Ireland ministers, departments and relevant health agencies in accordance with the conditions set forth in the 2020 Cancellation (Northern Ireland) Regulations, which came into force on 31st. You will be empowered to instruct them to outsource. March 2020. They provided a sustainable and legally robust framework for providing abortion services that will become part of Northern Ireland’s health and social care system in the long run. The framework also ensures the health and safety of women and girls and gives healthcare professionals clarity and certainty while being sensitive to the situation in Northern Ireland.

Brandon Lewis, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Northern Ireland, said:

I welcome the Ministry of Health’s resumption of work on an abortion service test run project, but I am very disappointed that they have not submitted a complete test run proposal. The lack of discussion on this important issue in the executive committee means that I have no choice but to give instructions.

I have legal and moral obligations to empower and access medical care to women and girls in Northern Ireland, as set out in the 2020 Regulations.

We would like to thank the medical professionals and Informing Choices Northern Ireland for giving Northern Ireland women and girls local access to abortion services, and the organizations that supported this work.

Today’s announcement is based on the UK Government’s commitment to fulfill Northern Ireland’s legal obligations and protect the rights of women and girls by providing quality services for abortion and post-abortion care in Northern Ireland. I have.

In July 2019, Parliament imposed the Secretary of State of Northern Ireland an obligation under Article 9 of the Northern Ireland (Executives, etc.) Act on reforming access to Northern Ireland services.

Despite the enactment of abortion rules in March 2020, the service has not yet been formally outsourced, supported or funded, no guidance has been issued, and no official support measures have been implemented. This is why the UK Government introduced the Abortion (Northern Ireland) Rule 2021 which came into effect on March 31, 2021.

Under the 2021 Suspension (Northern Ireland) Regulation, the UK Government will implement all recommendations in paragraphs 85 and 85 to the Minister of Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Department, and the Health and Social Welfare Committee of the Public Health Agency. I was empowered to instruct them to take the necessary steps to do so. 86 of the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) Report.

The rules were discussed in the House of Commons and the House of Commons on April 26 and 28, 2021, respectively, with both houses overwhelmingly upholding the rules, with a majority of 431 to 89 voting in the House of Commons.

Abortion Service Direction 2021

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Secretary of State directs Northern Ireland’s Ministry of Health to make abortion services available

SourceSecretary of State directs Northern Ireland’s Ministry of Health to make abortion services available

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