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Second statement on Russia’s war against Ukraine and international sports

Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified war against Ukraine, supported by the government of Belarus, is abhorrent and a flagrant violation of its international obligations. Respect for human rights and peaceful relations between nations form the basis of international sport.

We, as a collective of like-minded nations, reaffirm our statement of March 8 and, while accepting the autonomy of sports organizations, the position of our governments further state that;

In cases where national and international sports organizations and other event organizers choose to allow athletes (including athletes, officials and administrators) from Russia and Belarus to participate in sports events;

We call on all international sports federations to take these principles into account, applaud all those who have already taken action and encourage our domestic sports bodies to engage with their international federations to do so. These restrictions should remain in place until cooperation under a rules-based international order becomes possible again.

Furthermore, we reiterate our encouragement for the international sports community to continue to show its solidarity with the people of Ukraine, including by supporting the continuation and reconstruction of Ukrainian sports where possible.

  • Australia. The Honorable Annika Wells MP, Minister for Aged Care and Sport

  • Austria: Vice-Chancellor Werner Kogler, Minister of Arts and Culture, Civil Service and Sport

  • Belgium. Valerie Glattin, Minister of Higher Education, Adult Education, Scientific Research, University Hospitals, Youth Welfare, Justice, Youth, Sports and the Promotion of the Francophone Community in Brussels. This signature binds the French-speaking community, the Flemish community and the German-speaking community of Belgium.

  • Canada. The Honorable Pascal St-Onge, Minister of Sport

  • Croatia. Dr. Nikolina Brniac, Minister of Tourism and Sports

  • Cyprus: Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, Prodromos Prodromo

  • Czech Republic: Philip Neusser, President of the National Sports Agency

  • Denmark: Ane Halsbo-Jørgensen, Minister of Culture

  • Estonia: Liina Kersna, Minister of Education and Research acting as Minister of Culture

  • Finland: Petri Honkonen, Minister of Science and Culture

  • France: Amelie Odea-Castera, Minister of Sport and Olympic and Paralympic Games

  • Germany. Mahmut Ozdemir MP, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Interior and Community

  • Greece: Lefteris Avgenakis, Deputy Minister of Sports

  • Iceland: Ásmundur Einar Daðason, Minister of Education and Children

  • Ireland. Jack Chambers TD, Minister of State for Sport and the Gaeltacht

  • Italy: Valentina Vezali, Secretary of State for Sports

  • Japan: HE SUEMAtsu Shinsuke, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

  • Republic of Korea: PARK Bo Gyoon, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism

  • Latvia: Anita Mujnietse, Minister of Education and Science

  • Liechtenstein: N.S. Dominic Hasler, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Education and Sport

  • Lithuania: Dr. Jurgita Šiugždiniene, Minister of Education, Science and Sports

  • Luxembourg: Georges Engel, Minister of Sports

  • Malta. Dr. Clifton Grima, Minister of Education, Youth, Sports, Research and Innovation

  • The Netherlands: Connie Helder, Minister for Long-Term Care and Sports

  • New Zealand. The Honorable Grant Robertson, Minister for Sport and Recreation

  • Norway: Annette Trettebergstuen, Minister for Culture and Equality

  • Poland: Kamil Bortniczuk, Minister of Sports and Tourism

  • Portugal: Ana Catarina Mendes, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet and Parliamentary Affairs (responsible for youth and sports)

  • Romania: Carol-Eduard Novak, Minister of Sports

  • Slovakia: Ivan Husar, State Secretary for Sports

  • Slovenia. Dr. Igor Papich, Minister of Education, Science and Sports

  • Spain: Mikel Octavi Icheta y Llorens, Minister of Culture and Sports

  • Sweden: Anders Ygeman, Minister of Integration and Migration

  • The United Kingdom. Nadine Dorries MP, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

  • United States of America. Elizabeth Allen, Senior Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Officer

  • Second statement on Russia’s war against Ukraine and international sports

    SourceSecond statement on Russia’s war against Ukraine and international sports

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