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Second Dutch Minister resigns due to Afghan refugee evacuation disaster

Dutch Defense Minister Ankh Byleveld resigned on Friday after addressing the evacuation crisis in Afghanistan with an expanded scandal claiming his post as foreign minister.

Bijleveld initially refused to resign, but eventually succumbed to pressure after Congress officially accused her of a blunder that stalled dozens of interpreters. Afghanistan..

“I told the party and the prime minister to ask the king to accept his resignation,” Bijleveld told defense ministry reporters, referring to the Dutch prime minister. Mark Rutte..

“I don’t want to get in the way of important work,” she added, to her colleague who is still trying to get people out of Afghanistan.

Dutch Foreign Minister Sigrid Kerg resigned Thursday after being accused by parliament of the government’s failure to evacuate some Afghanistan and no imminent signs. Taliban Acquisition.

Kerg resigned shortly after a motion to disapprove both ministers was adopted. She defended the response to the crisis, but admitted that the government had some “blind spots” about the situation the Netherlands shared with other countries.

Bijleveld initially said she would remain, but reconsidered a day later after receiving intense criticism from her own members of the Christian Democratic Party.

The Dutch minister was part of the first Western official to resign, responsible for the turmoil between the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul on August 15 and the withdrawal of US troops on August 31.

Their resignation occurs after Britain’s Dominic Raab has been demoted from his post as Foreign Minister in the process of dealing with the situation in Afghanistan.

However, the impact on the Dutch political system may be limited, as the current cabinet is a caretaker government and is waiting for talks to create a new coalition government six months after the election.

Byleveld has resigned as the sixth minister since the Rutte administration went bankrupt in January with a childcare subsidy scandal.

(France24 with AFP and Reuters)

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Second Dutch Minister resigns due to Afghan refugee evacuation disaster

SourceSecond Dutch Minister resigns due to Afghan refugee evacuation disaster

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