Sean Penn and daughter Dylan Penn in their new movie “Flag Day”: “It’s a very complex relationship” | Ent & Arts News

From playing a former scam dealing with the murder of her daughter on the Mystic River to portraying the first openly gay-elected milk official in California, Sean Penn is one of Hollywood’s most diverse and acclaimed careers. I have one.

Those roles made him the best actor twice Oscar The winner also has three nominations: Dead Man Walking, Sweet and Lowdown, and I Am Sam, praising his work behind the cameras of movies such as Into the Wild.

pen Besides his performance, he made a headline.His marriage Madonna In 1985, they became one of the most famous couples in the world at the time. He is also a star who has never been afraid to share his thoughts on political issues or use his platform to highlight what he believes.

Penn plays the real scammer John Vogel in the movie.Photo: Vertigo release

So it’s no wonder that 61-year-olds, daughter Dylan and son Hopper, follow in his footsteps and rely on him for advice on how to navigate the industry. His latest project, Flag Day, sees Penn not only acting and directing for the first time, but also starring with his children.

The film has been following the pair for over 20 years, based on the true story of American journalist Jennifer Vogel telling his life with his father, the infamous Conman, the counterfeiter, and the bank robber John Vogel.

The 30-year-old Dylan, whose mother is actress Robin Wright (Forrest Gump, House of Cards), grew up in Northern California, away from Hollywood, and never started acting after her famous parents. .. She was a successful model and had the ambition to work in the industry, but she is behind the camera. But Sean says she always imagined she would play the role of Jennifer Bogel.

Encouraging Hopper to play her and Jennifer’s brother Nick Vogel, the star tells Sky News that it’s a big difference from the industry that started in the early 1980s and shares advice for his children.

“The business I knew wasn’t the business of today,” he says. “In particular, COVID Pandemics wonder what the future holds at all levels of business and creative filmmaking.

“Injecting streaming, convenience, ability to watch movies in the home theater, this wouldn’t have been my guidance … I’m still the guy who fell in love with a girl named Movie in the dark with a stranger A movie theater inside. I think that the story that I am interested in is something that I want to experience. “

Sean Penn and his daughter, Dylan, Flag Day.Photo: Vertigo release
Dylan plays Jennifer Vogel, who wrote the memoirs that are the basis of the film.Photo: Vertigo release

In 2022, he says, there will be a “huge amount of content.” Today’s streaming culture is likened to a huge bookstore where people don’t cross the road. “It seems that there is always less unity between culture and society than when I fell in love.”

But he continues. [also] Some of the most extraordinary writing, acting and directing. Good things are really miraculously good-though they are made for addicts. It doesn’t take hours for us to volunteer and have a cultural experience. This is intended to grab us and hold us as long as possible.

“For the actors participating in the world today, you’re talking about being very authoritative in terms of how your business is perceived, that’s joining the series. Well, that part of the series. May mean you aren’t, the other part will be done for 6 years.

“I think the career of an actor is very dangerous if you start today. I think everything from the audition process to the choice of competition is at a much higher level than before. I’m my kids Given that I’m encouraging both, I’m worried … a part of me who wants them to get their attention and focus their lasers on all the paths that are of value to them. Don’t be distracted by the noise of the library, which is too loud. “

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Flag Day, starring Katheryn Winnick, Josh Brolin and Regina King, presents an intimate portrait of a young woman struggling to overcome the wreckage of the past while relieving her inevitable bond with her father. increase.

It may be her first major role, but Dylan’s performance certainly silences critics who may question why she played that role.

She read Jennifer Bogel’s book as a teenager, but until now she didn’t feel ready to take on that role. Vogel apparently had a very complex relationship with his father, but Dylan says he was able to see similarities to his situation.

“It’s a very complex relationship between Jennifer and her father, and I think it can be related,” she says. “However [it’s] It’s also very different in that my dad and I are very transparent to each other, but Jennifer has always tried to make it happen with her dad, but in return he wasn’t given it. ..

“In terms of life experience, I feel like there are similarities between me and Jennifer in trying to find your true self and identify yourself as separate from your family. I think it also applies to. “

Dylan says he has always been conscious of building his own path as a child of two very famous parents.

“If people know who my parents are before I enter the room, there is a perception of prejudice,” she says. “So I think it sometimes made me a little handicapped and anxious before I entered the room, went to a new school, or started a new job.

“Then as I get older [I realised] It’s just a part of who I am. I am a different person and an individual, but it will always be part of my identity. “

Flag Anniversary will be available in cinemas and digital platforms starting Friday

Sean Penn and daughter Dylan Penn in their new movie “Flag Day”: “It’s a very complex relationship” | Ent & Arts News

Source link Sean Penn and daughter Dylan Penn in their new movie “Flag Day”: “It’s a very complex relationship” | Ent & Arts News

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