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Scottish skipper Kotzur wants to put Kori in the dressing room after the match.

By Baidurjo Bhose Dubai [UAE], November 4th (ANI): Scotland may have felt in a difficult situation at the T20 World Cup Super 12 stage in progress at the UAE, but skipper Kyle Kutzer will face the Big Boy in World Cricket. By doing so, we want boys to learn as much as possible. Kotzur wants to plunge into a clash with India and the group play hard on the pitch, while also wanting to learn from Indian cricketers how they improve on the big stages. Is called.

Coetzer said he would like to talk to ANI and have people like Virat Kohli visit the Scottish dressing room after the match to chat with the boys.

“I think they’re great ambassadors for the game. I want everyone to talk to Kori, Williamson, Rashid Hahn, etc. That’s the only best way to learn. It used to be a pub. But I can’t do it now, “he smiled.

“The team learns from every experience. It’s great to play against India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Bangladesh, etc. It’s a good experience to play against the best players at the top level. Not just the cricket experience, but much more. Life experience. We are ranked 12th in the world and some may talk about the bay, but I think it’s a good achievement. In the world cricket, he said: I am.

“Standing next to Virat in Toss will be a special opportunity for everyone, not just me. He’s a game idol and a stylish way to score him. Luckily, on the lift. It was an opportunity because I bumped into Kane Williamson, but I didn’t have a chance to talk to Virat. I want to play hard and push India on the day. It’s a difficult task. I understand, but I have to work hard, realistic and honest. “Life in the bubble is not easy, but Scottish skippers tell the boys that the opportunity to learn can’t be greater than this. I want you to remove the positive things from this trip.

“Bubble life has challenges and we agreed to find something positive before we left. It can be challenging and sometimes more difficult than at other times. We were in Oman. When it was very good. The whole resort. It’s a bit tricky here as we are a bit more restricted, but overall it was a positive experience, “he pointed out.

The top teams have sponsors, but life on the road is not so easy for some minnows. Coetzer reveals that he is playing in Scotland and has two jobs.

“I’m one of the full-time contracts and I have to do two other jobs, so I think I need to increase my full-time contracts. All my work is related to cricket, so Durham I’m involved in coaching at cricket clubs. Various minor counties and I also run local clubs. We need to find more money. What we believe as a group , That means we need to find a way to allow men to focus solely on the cricket of the year. It’s important to us, to find additional funding, “he explained.

Asked if this showpiece event could be an IPL audition given that two new teams will join the league from the 2022 season, he said: .. Find exposures to play in different tournaments. There are players playing in different tournaments. The IPL hasn’t cracked yet, but it will happen someday. It takes time, so you need to find support to turn. The players are focused solely on cricket. ” (ANI)

Scottish skipper Kotzur wants to put Kori in the dressing room after the match.

SourceScottish skipper Kotzur wants to put Kori in the dressing room after the match.

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