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Scottish independence. The main issues


Cotland First Minister The campaign for the second independence referendum has started.

Announcing the first of a series of documents to form an independent Scottish Prospectus, the first minister said there was an “indisputable” mandate for a single vote after the majority of pro-independence MSPs returned in last year’s Hollourwood election.

First minister launches new independence referendum campaign on Tuesday (Russell Cheney / PA) / PA wire

Here are some key issues.

– What happened last time?

In 2014, the Scots voted to stay in the ANC The United Kingdom From 55% to 45%.

– What has changed since then?

The key issue raised by the supporters of independence is Brexit. During the 2014 campaign, the No campaigners said that Scotland would no longer be an EU member if it were independent.

But the 2016 referendum on joining the bloc meant it happened, no matter what angered pro-independence activists, adding to calls for another vote.

There was also the Covid-19 epidemic, which strained relations between them Scottish: կառավար British governments on how best to handle this, Scottish ministers say they will be able to go further than the UK with full independence.

Westminster, however, emphasized the strength of the British Treasury in being able to fund initiatives such as the holiday scheme.

– What does independence mean?

Withdrawal from the UK will give Scotland powers it no longer has under the terms of reference.

Issues such as health and education are currently overseen by the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, while foreign policy and defense are vested in Westminster.

If Scotland voted for independence, it would oversee all areas of politics, but not everything will change immediately.

The position of the SNP, the largest pro-independence party, is that the Queen should remain the head of state and the pound should remain the official currency, at least until a separate Scottish currency is introduced.

However, the currency position may change when the paper is published in the coming months.

The Queen will remain head of state in independent Scotland under SNP plans (Chris Jackson / PA) / PA wire

– What would an independent Scotland look like?

It’s hard to say, but Government of Scotland The prospectus will be published in more detail in the coming months.

In the preface to the first document, Nicola Stergen said that his aspiration was “a richer, more just, more prosperous country.”

– What is needed for a referendum to be held?

There are two ways of legally recognized voting.

The first will require the UK to order Section 30 Government:. This will give Hollywood the powers it needs under Scottish law to pass legislation for a referendum.

The second will require legislation to be passed in Holyrood first, when it can be challenged legally by the UK Government in a final decision of the Supreme Court on its legality.

The first minister said on Tuesday that work was continuing without revealing the voting route in Section 30, so there may be a third round of action, but it is not yet known.

Scottish Parliament’s Referendum Legislation May Appear in Court (Jane Barlow / PA) / PV archive

– When can there be a vote?

In the general policy platform published as a result of the power-sharing agreement with the Scottish Greens, the Scottish Government said that it would work to hold another referendum in the middle of this parliamentary term, ie at the end of next year.

But as the uncompromising government of the United Kingdom, which seems to be rejecting any request for a section 30 order, has the prospect of a ‘long’ legal battle over any legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament on this issue, it is unclear whether this or any timetable will be in place. met.

– What do the polls say?

The latest Ipsos Mori poll for STV shows that support for independence and the opposition have reached a deadlock of 50% among some voters.

When disoriented voters are added to the count again, support for staying in the UK has a slight advantage of 46%, compared with 45% for independence, և 8% for those who have yet to make a decision.

The latest poll shows that support may be 5% higher than in the 2014 referendum, however, it fell from a record high of 58% in October 2020 at the peak of the epidemic.

– What does the British government say?

Westminster has repeatedly rejected calls for a referendum in recent years under two different prime ministers.

Both Theresa May and Boris Johnson said “now is not the time for a referendum”, a British government spokesman said on Tuesday.

Scottish independence. The main issues

Source Scottish independence. The main issues

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