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Scottish independence referendum. The main issues


First Minister of Cotland Nicola Sturgeon He said he wanted to hold a second referendum Scottish: independence in October 2023.

However, the question will be sent to S. The Supreme Court of Great Britain to confirm the legitimacy of the legislation underlying the vote.

The first minister has already said that there is an “indisputable” mandate for one vote after the majority of pro-independence MSPs returned in last year’s Holocaust election.

Here are some key issues.

– What happened last time?

In 2014, the Scots voted to stay in the ANC The United Kingdom From 55% to 45%.

Nicola Sturgeon publishes a number of documents on independence (Russell Cheney / PA) / PA wire

– What has changed since then?

The key issue raised by the supporters of independence is Brexit. During the 2014 campaign, the No campaigners said that Scotland would no longer be a member of the EU if it were independent.

But the 2016 referendum on joining the bloc meant that it happened, no matter what angered pro-independence activists, adding to calls for another vote.

There was also the Covid-19 epidemic, which strained relations between Scotland and the “British government” over how best to deal with it.

WestminsterHowever, he stressed the strength of the British Treasury, being able to finance initiatives such as the vacation scheme.

– What does independence mean?

The Scottish Government is required to publish a series of documents outlining the details of its vision for an independent country, collectively referred to as the Declaration of Independence.

Withdrawal from the UK will give Scotland powers it no longer has under the terms of the settlement.

Issues such as health և education are currently overseen by the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, while foreign policy և protection is vested in Westminster.

If Scotland voted for independence, it would oversee all areas of politics, but not everything will change immediately.

The position of the SNP, the largest pro-independence party, is that the Queen should remain the head of state and the pound should remain the official currency, at least until a separate Scottish currency is introduced.

However, the currency position may change when the newspaper is published in the coming months.

Opinion polls suggest Scots are divided over the issue (Jane Barlow / PA) / PV archive

– What would an independent Scotland look like?

It is difficult to say, but the independence leaflet to be published in the coming months should be presented in more detail.

In the preface to the first document, Nicola Stergen said that his aspiration was for a “richer, fairer, more prosperous country.”

– What is needed for a referendum to be held?

After months of speculation, Nikola Sturgeon has given his answer to questions about the legitimacy of the independence referendum, which does not have the procedure of paragraph 30 – a legal instrument that can give Hollywood the right to vote.

He published the Scottish independence referendum bill and sent it to the Supreme Court to ensure his plans were “unquestionably legal”.

The first minister wants to prevent any challenge from his opponents, who will argue that the Scottish Parliament has no power to hold a vote without the consent of Westminster.

The Supreme Court is the UK’s highest court, having previously ruled on disputes between the UK and Scottish governments.

– When can there be a vote?

The first minister proposes to hold the referendum on October 19, 2023.

This is part of the SNP voting in the first half of the current session of the Scottish Parliament.

– What if the Supreme Court rules against the Scottish Government?

Nicola Sturgeon acknowledges that his case in the Supreme Court may fail.

If so, he says it would not be the court’s fault, but Westminster law.

If that happens, he says the SNP will fight one issue in the next general election. “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

The first minister says this will turn the next national election into a “de facto referendum.”

Nicola Sturgeon admits he can not win Supreme Court case (Jane Barlow / PA) / PV archive

– What do the other Scottish parties think?

Scottish Conservatives have said they will not take part in the “rush” poll, saying a “potentially illegal” referendum is a wrong priority for Scotland.

They say this will divert them from problems with the life-threatening crisis և NHS waiting time.

The Scottish Labor Party says the time is wrong because people are still losing their lives because of Covid-19.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats also oppose the prime minister’s plans, but he has the support of the Scottish Green Party, which has two ministers in its government.

– What do the polls say? Opinion polls have generally shown that Scots are divided over independence.

A recent IpsosMori survey for STV found that 50% in favor of ‘Yes’, and 50% in favor of removing those who are not.

There are also conflicting opinions about when such a vote should take place.

– What does the British government say?

In recent years, under two different prime ministers, Westminster has rejected calls for another vote.

Both Theresa May and Boris Johnson have said that “now is not the time for a referendum.”

This opinion was responded to after the announcement of the date proposed by the spokesman of the Government of the United Kingdom.

The British government says the constitution is reserved for Westminster, which means that Holyrood cannot vote on its own.

Scottish independence referendum. The main issues

Source Scottish independence referendum. The main issues

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