Scotland U-2021 Turn on the decision not to kneel before the Euro 21 match against England

Scottish players kneel with their opponent England when the team meets at Euro 2020 It will mark a Scottish U-turn next week.

at first Steve clerkSide did not kneel to join England before the kick-off – the gestures the Three Lions have made in protest of racial inequality.

With a message via Scotland FABut Clark and his captain Andy Robertson He said the decision was revoked.

“Some individuals and groups are trying to politicize or misrepresent the Scotland national team’s position to combat racism and all forms of discriminatory behavior in Uefa Euro 2020 games, especially in Wembley. I know I am, “Clark wrote.

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“As a head coach, I have a duty to repeat what I have done since the first FIFA World Cup qualifying and in collaboration with Scottish football clubs, including Rangers and Celtic.

“In March I explained the rationale behind the team’s decision, which is not only consistent with the collective approach from Scottish football above, but also raises awareness and with football. The purpose of helping to eradicate racism in society is diminished and weakened by continued abuse of players.

“To avoid doubt, I, the coach staff, the players, and the team in the back room oppose racism and all forms of unacceptable discriminatory behavior throughout society. Not only to raise awareness of ongoing issues, but also as a reminder to those who have the ultimate power and responsibility to make meaningful changes.

“In the light of the divisive and inaccurate comments that are perpetuated by individuals and groups that have the views we blame in the strongest words, we reflected as a group today. We continue to commit to our principle of taking, but it must also be clear to blame the opportunistic false story presented by some.

“Therefore, we agreed to show solidarity with our English counterparts, many of whom are teammates of our own players and have been abused by fans in recent international matches. I noticed.

Scottish director Steve Clark

(PA wire)

“We will continue to take one position together for the match at Hampden Park. In the match at Wembley, we will face racism and kneel ignorantly.”

Robertson, on the left back of Liverpool, said:

“In Scotland, football families have been against racism all year round. It was our collective view that the national team would do the same.

“Our stance is that everyone, players, fans, teams, clubs, federations, governing bodies, and governments have to do more. If meaningful changes occur, Meaningful action is needed, but given the events around England, it’s also clear that kneeling in this tournament is important as a symbol of solidarity.

“For this reason, we decided to kneel again as a team in the match against England at Wembley Stadium.”

Scotland U-2021 Turn on the decision not to kneel before the Euro 21 match against England

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